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Five Reasons to Fire your Therapist

I'm a huge advocate of counseling. During my life, I've made use of some very good counselors for personal reasons. As a counselor, I worked with clients over a 10-year period.

As a friend or family member, I've helped people find good therapists on several occasions.

I've also seen some shocking violations of ethics and common sense among therapists. The education and licensing system are designed to support expertise and ethical behavior in the mental health...
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Three Simple Steps to Understanding your Emotions

Driven by emotions, we react to others, make important decisions, avoid uncomfortable situations, and even sabotage our goals. Yet, most of us don't really understand our emotions or exercise much control over them.

This simple tutorial will help us take concrete steps to understanding our emotions so that we can make more conscious choices with them.

We'll assume negative emotions for this post, but you can use this process for any feeling.
To understand an emotion consciously, take...
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What People with Depression Can’t Imagine

Depression is one of the most prevalent mental health disorders in the world today, with an estimated 322 million people suffering from its disabling effects. (Source)

Along with a loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, problems coping with everyday tasks, and a persistent feeling of sadness, depression often comes with a feeling of hopelessness and overwhelm.

A recent study conducted at McMaster University may help explain why many people experience depression...
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Law of Attraction (LOA) – Does it Work?

I've been a skeptic of the law of attraction (LOA). When self-development blogger Rebecca Temsen agreed to answer some questions about LOA, I warned her I might come across as a naysayer. She was fine with that so we went for it.

Are you on the fence about LOA? Read on!
LOA Disclaimer
Rebecca Temsen: I'm no expert on the law of attraction. I have a day job in marketing and I run my blog...
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Four Major Lessons about the Grief Process

Not long ago I was interviewed by Blake Fletcher at the Half Hour Intern podcast and one thing stood out:

Blake is committed to personal development and mental health and his guests are stellar.

Beyond my interview about neuro-linguistic programming, Blake recently featured Will Jiang, the bestselling author of 63 books on mental health.

Will Jiang suffers from schizophrenia and his story is the epitome of inspiration. If you're in any...
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Four Causes of Unhealthy Interpersonal Relationships

This is a guest post by Darius Cikanavicius of Self-Archeology.

Interpersonal relationships can be difficult. Whether romantic, intimate, friendly, or work-related, it is common for most people to experience some sort of a problem in their relationships.

In this article, we will explore the more important reasons behind failure in interpersonal relationships and look at how it can be different.
Four causes unhealthy interpersonal relationships:

1. Ignorance

People often don’t have healthy interpersonal relationships because they don’t know what...
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Waking Up From a False Reality Can Be Harsh

My 19-year-old son was looking like the world had just ended, so I asked him what was up.

The girl we thought was his girlfriend told him she’d been ‘accidentally’ leading him on for two months. She was never interested in him romantically but merely feeling insecure as she was nervous about making friends.

“Accidentally?” I asked. He just stared at the floor.

Apparently, when my son showed interest, this particular girl encouraged his romantic advances because...
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Tortured by the Pursuit of Gratitude – Why Attitude of Gratitude Research Isn’t So Simple

Image credit to Gecko&Fly

If Stalin's take on gratitude tells us anything, we should embrace an attitude of gratitude with all our might. We'll see below that science appears to agree. Gratitude research, however, is often reported by bloggers and the media in misleading ways, turning the pursuit of gratitude into emotional torture.

A recent article in the National Communication Association’s Review of Communication has confirmed that gratitude, health, and happiness go hand in...
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Depression Now the Number One Cause of Disability Worldwide

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is the single largest contributor to disability in the world today, with an estimated 322 million people suffering from its disabling effects. That’s an increase in just one decade.

A depressive episode, typically described as a loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, problems coping with everyday tasks, and a feeling of persistent sadness lasting two weeks or more, can lead to lost productivity due...
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