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5 Study Summaries on the Benefits of Hypnosis for Headache Pain

Hypnosis is one of the oldest healing modalities. From ancient Egyptian "sleep temples" to the Mesmerism of the 1700's, trance phenomena have claimed to cure all manner of ills.

In modern times - in spite of stage hypnotism, fear of covert hypnosis and other suspicious practices - hypnotherapy appears to be a solid choice for pain management.

Hypnotherapy has been put to the test with scientific research around headache and migraine pain. Does...
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21 Passive-Aggressive Behavior Signs That Give You an Eye for Manipulators

Passive-aggressive behavior isn't limited to your neighbor who won't mow his lawn. It's a significant player in world history.

As you read the 21 signs of everyday passive-aggressive behavior in this post, bear in mind the broad implications of passive-aggression in history. It will help you realize how damaging passive-aggression can be.

Also, see how many of the 21 signs you can pinpoint in your home or workplace.

Now for a bit of passive-aggressive...
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10 Gentle Reminders about Reality

From time to time it’s a good idea to give ourselves gentle reminders about reality. Life works in certain ways and it doesn’t always cater to our wishes.

We often feel like failures, not because we're inadequate, but because life doesn't work how we expect. And life won't budge to accommodate us!

For example:

1. No, you really can’t lose weight and overeat at the same time. And it doesn’t take much overeating to ruin progress. A...
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How Sharing Family Stories Promotes Mental Health

Guest post by Paul A. Miller

As a folk historian and facilitator with Legacy Chronicles Life Stories, it should come as no surprise that I believe in the value of securing and sharing these precious memories of our loved ones.

I am convinced family storytelling can bring together generations, restoring and strengthening relationships while educating each of us about our own backgrounds. Family stories help us understand where we come from and who we...
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How Float Therapy Benefits Mental Health (Research)

Credited for helping with anxiety, depression, chronic pain and other health problems, float therapy has been evolving as a wellness treatment since the 1950s. Similar to meditation, floating in a salt tank or pod may hold an advantage over other methods of mindfulness because of how it affects the human brain.
What is Float Therapy?
It's simple. Strip down. Hop into a float tank or "pod." The high concentration of salt in the float...
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Everything? Sucks Right Now!

My friend, Steven, was trying to sleep the other night. In his head, he kept hearing the words: Everything sucks right now!

A list of things scrolled through his mind:

• The world is a mess!
• Natural disasters everywhere.
• We're on the brink of nuclear war.
• My teenagers have attitudes.
• Is my business slowing down?
Everything sucks!

After a few minutes of self-torture, he realized he could ask himself an NLP meta-model question.
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Octacosanol – Has Stress-Related Insomnia Met its Match?

Stress can make it difficult to sleep. This isn't news. The rise of octacosanol, another dietary supplement with research behind it, is no surprise, either.

The rise of octacosanol, another dietary supplement with research behind it, is no surprise, either.

If you suffer from stress-related insomnia, octacosanol could be a reason to hope for relief. The mental and physical anguish insomnia causes are enough to motivate anyone. Buying an inexpensive supplement is worth a...
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Angry? It Might Be Abilify

This is a guest post by William Jiang, MLS

Note: This is an opinion-based post. All views expressed are the personal perspective of the author. No medical advice should be implied.

Abilify. It is the single best-selling drug of all time. From April 2013, through March 2014, sales of Abilify (official name, aripiprazole) totaled $6,885,243,368.

That is, Abilify made almost 7 billion in one year.

At the...
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Feeling Lousy? Try Something a Little Different

Ever try singing when you're feeling bad?

Many of us understand how powerful music can be on our moods, and know the capacity of the ‘right’ song to carry us into different emotional states.

A recent article on The Mighty even reveals 30 songs that their members found helpful for anxiety and depression

Maybe you’re also the type who loves to belt one out in the shower or car, or perhaps you just quietly hum...
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This is What Happened During My Free Psychoanalysis Consult

September 4, 2017

I haven’t even begun psychoanalysis and it’s already driving me nuts.

I'm exaggerating a little, but at the end of the free Skype consult, I was angry. What does negotiating a fee have to do with my mother?

Yes, it went there.

My first official psychoanalysis session begins in a few days. I still don't know the fee, but we've got a range to consider. The psychoanalyst is mulling it over too, as he's...
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