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Law of Attraction (LOA) – Does it Work?

I've been a skeptic of the law of attraction (LOA). When self-development blogger Rebecca Temsen agreed to answer some questions about LOA, I warned her I might come across as a naysayer. She was fine with that so we went for it.

Are you on the fence about LOA? Read on!
LOA Disclaimer
Rebecca Temsen: I'm no expert on the law of attraction. I have a day job in marketing and I run my blog...
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Waking Up From a False Reality Can Be Harsh

My 19-year-old son was looking like the world had just ended, so I asked him what was up.

The girl we thought was his girlfriend told him she’d been ‘accidentally’ leading him on for two months. She was never interested in him romantically but merely feeling insecure as she was nervous about making friends.

“Accidentally?” I asked. He just stared at the floor.

Apparently, when my son showed interest, this particular girl encouraged his romantic advances because...
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Tortured by the Pursuit of Gratitude – Why Attitude of Gratitude Research Isn’t So Simple

Image credit to Gecko&Fly

If Stalin's take on gratitude tells us anything, we should embrace an attitude of gratitude with all our might. We'll see below that science appears to agree. Gratitude research, however, is often reported by bloggers and the media in misleading ways, turning the pursuit of gratitude into emotional torture.

A recent article in the National Communication Association’s Review of Communication has confirmed that gratitude, health, and happiness go hand in...
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15 Existential Questions that Could Improve Mental Health

Cartoon purchased from Andertoons by Mike Bundrant

Do you regularly ponder life’s deeper meaning and other existential questions?

How about biting into juicy explorations of religion, morality, spirituality, and God? Or do you shy away from potentially disturbing existential questions, finding security and safety in your established beliefs?

A study recently published in the Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science suggests that individuals who are willing to confront existential questions may have greater immunity to depression and anxiety.

According to Professor...
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But I’ve always been told I can’t do it! (limiting beliefs)

A client shows up with a limiting belief: I can't do anything right!

You ask: What makes you think you can't?

Well, I've always been told I don't have what it takes, I'll never succeed in life and so on.

And you believe it?

I guess so.
What to do at this point? How do we move forward and help this person change a limiting belief?
There are so many ways to work with limiting thoughts and beliefs, and they all boil...
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5 Relationship Myths that Seem Reasonable at First

Each of us has a collection of deeply rooted ideas about romantic relationships - how they form, how they are supposed to work, and why they end.

We build our collection of relationship ideas from watching relatives, making our own mistakes, and from pop culture. Rarely do we stop to consider whether or not our beliefs about relationships actually make sense in the real world.

This post is a...
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Here’s Why you Feel Like a Failure, Plus 10 Facts you Should Know

Some of us feel like failures once in awhile. Others feel like failures every single day of their lives.
I am such a total failure.
I can’t do anything right.
No friends. No job. No skills. I'm a total failure.
My own family hates me. How could I be more of a failure?
There is no escape from my failures in life. I might as well be dead.
Why do people feel like failures even...
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Does this Man Have Philophobia or Fear of Falling in Love?

Philophobia is defined as the fear of falling in love or fear of emotional attachment. What follows is a real story from a man who suspects he suffers from philophobia. His fear and pain are palpable.

Disclaimer: This man's description of suspected philophobia is based on reported events, but is not attributed to a single, identifiable individual. No diagnosis of philophobia or any other disorder is intended, nor should one read this...
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Giving Up on Yourself? Expert Coaching Advice to Help you Keep Going

Who hasn't felt like giving up at one time or another?

I can recall certain periods in life in which I wished the earth would just open up and swallow me whole. I wanted to disappear.

I didn't think I had what it took to persevere through trials - both within myself and in very difficult circumstances.

Yet, with real life obligations, people who depended on me as well as my own (albeit conflicted) desires...
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Amazing Example of a Subconscious Block that can Stop you in your Tracks

I never cease to be amazed at how a subconscious block - made of old ideas, beliefs, or impressions  - can affect present day life.

Moreover, it's possible for a subconscious block to totally sabotage your goals while leaving no clue as to its source.

In fact, you may be completely in the dark while said subconscious block has its way with you.

That's why I found hypnotherapist Lora Cheadle's article about goals and subconscious blocks...
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