As a coaching or therapy client, sometimes you need to evaluate what’s working or not working so well. This may be why iNLP Center students are finding the following survey helpful.

The responses are confidential and the entire project is non-promotional. This is the survey. You are free to take it anonymously and with no follow-up.

Answering the seven questions is helping some people make important changes or requests to their coaches or counselors. The rise in self-awareness from the survey is the first step that leads to this productive result.

Is Counseling Effective Overall?

The information in the screenshot below is part of a mountain of data compiled by the American Counseling Association. You can review the full PDF document here.


Is Coaching Effective?

The following screenshot is the conclusion of an extensive study done on coaching, published in the journal, Frontiers in Psychology. You can read the full article here.

Both counseling and coaching can be effective, as evidenced by research. However, there is certainly no guarantee of effectiveness in any given case. This is why it’s so important for clients to self-monitor and refrain from giving the coach or counselor too much power.

This may be why responding to some simple questions to evaluate your experience is a wise thing to do. Even if you don’t take the survey that many have found helpful, you can still ask yourself some good questions to get a sense of whether your investment in coaching or therapy is working out for you.