labeling brokennessYes, in my opinion. But be careful what the label means to you.

I’m watching a TV series in which people are in the habit of calling their problems and pain “damage.” If you’re familiar with the series, please forget all about it just focus on labeling the wounded, broken, or dysfunctional aspects of yourself.

Is that a good thing? Yes, and it may be necessary.

The purpose of any label is to direct attention. Your name is a label that directs attention to you. Someone calling your name makes it clear that the message is directed to you. Labels help us know where to look. The same goes for every label.

“Hey, can you pass me the salt?” Labeling those white crystals “salt” sends a clear message and helps others direct their attention in the right way. Labels make appropriate behavior easier. Without them, how would we know where to look and how to act? Life as we know it wouldn’t be possible.

Calling your issues “damage” serves a similar purpose. When it’s relevant, labeling consistent problems within yourself helps you identify where to look and how to proceed. Of course, the kind of label you use and how you interact with the object of the label makes a huge difference.

This is not an endorsement of the label “damage” by any stretch. It’s an endorsement of using good labels to direct attention to problems in productive ways.

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