productivity hacksAre you looking for ways to increase your productivity? Start with your desk. Having an organized desk and work area can boost your productivity and clear your mind.

Powerful Benefits Stem from an Organized Work Area

Two researchers, Chae and Zhu, conducted a study in which they placed one group of students in a messy environment and another group in a neat setting with organized desks. The group in the messy environment had less stamina to persist and work on a task as compared to the group in the tidy environment.

Those study results suggest that people working in a neat, uncluttered environment are able to persist, work hard, and get more done. Their mental energy is higher when it is not drained by physical clutter on and around their desk.

3 Simple Tips to Get You Organized

  1. Take that study to heart. Get and keep your working environment, including your desk, organized and clean. If your area is currently a mess, you may not be able to get organized quickly, unless you have a larger block of time to focus on the organization task. So simply work on decluttering and organizing a little at a time, perhaps for about 15 to 30 minutes per day.
  2. Put away, give away, recycle or discard all clutter, such as extra office supplies, accessories that you don’t use often, as well as anything you don’t need and use. There should be no disorganized piles or papers on your desk. Have a neat, organized paper filing system, stored neatly away in a drawer or filing cabinet.
  3. Go paperless as much as possible by using electronic documents and files rather than printing more paper. That will automatically cut down on your physical clutter.

Results Kick in Immediately

By following these tips, you will be helping yourself have a more pleasant and peaceful working environment that looks great. You will also get more done in less time. Talk about working smarter – not harder!


Study: organized desks dramatically improve productivity, focus