levels of gratitudeWe could say there are three levels of gratitude. Understanding gratitude this way might show us how to get to a new level feeling grateful for what we have.

Three Levels of Gratitude

1. The full mind-body experience: Thinking grateful thoughts and feeling it all over.

2. The mind-body split: Thinking about what you’re grateful for, but not feeling it.

3. Gratitude deficiency: Neither thinking nor feeling it, even though it would be so helpful if you did.

How do you move up the levels until gratitude becomes an inevitable part of your mind-body experience?

Maybe asking yourself some pointed questions, after you identify which level you’re on, would be helpful.

If you’re in gratitude deficiency, you could ask yourself:

• What would happen if at least acknowledged what I can be grateful for?
• What are the consequences of remaining ungrateful?
• Am I so committed to being a victim that I am closed to finding anything good in my situation?

If you’re in a gratitude mind-body split, you could ask yourself:

• What if were to feel the gratitude I acknowledge in my mind?
• Why am I resisting feeling good right now?
• What if were to relax and give in to feeling grateful?

If you’re in the full mind-body experience of gratitude, you could ask yourself:

• How can I feel this way more often?
• What if felt this way every single day for the rest of my life?
• Which of complaints in life would vanish if lived a life based on gratitude?

Gratitude may be the solution to more problems than we realize. Embracing gratitude as a way of life is first a decision and then a practice. The largest question is: If gratitude doesn’t come naturally to you, how can you arrive at a point where you are ready to make a decision to live in gratitude?