octacosanol sleep insomniaStress can make it difficult to sleep. This isn’t news. The rise of octacosanol, another dietary supplement with research behind it, is no surprise, either.

The rise of octacosanol, another dietary supplement with research behind it, is no surprise, either.

If you suffer from stress-related insomnia, octacosanol could be a reason to hope for relief. The mental and physical anguish insomnia causes are enough to motivate anyone. Buying an inexpensive supplement is worth a shot.

This may be how supplement manufacturers thrive. Their products are an easy choice when you’re suffering. And while there aren’t solid reasons to expect relief, it happens from time to time. Better yet, there are seldom side effects.

And so we have another study that validates an inexpensive, natural remedy. That’s good news.

What is Octacosanol?

Octacosanol is an active ingredient in some foods and dietary supplements. Foods rich in the compound include bee wax, wheat germ oil, rice bran, and sugarcane. Supplemental extracts are sold in various places on the web.

Stress and Sleeplessness Research

The Japanese Sleep Institute believes it has found a way to relieve stress-induced sleep disorders. The following is a summary of the sleep research.

Researchers Yoshihiro Urade and Mahesh K. Kaushik found that octacosanol reduces stress hormones. Reduction in stress hormones can lead to better sleep when stress causes insomnia.

Urade and Kaushik found that octacosanol reduces corticosterone, which is linked to stress in other studies. When researchers gave the supplement to mice with high corticosterone levels, sleep patterns improved. The research team concluded the positive results were due to the dietary supplementation.

Non-stressed mice did not improve disturbed sleep patterns when given octacosanol. This lead researchers to conclude that the benefits are related to stress-related sleep disturbance only. There were no side effects found.

More studies are needed to see how the compound improves sleep by reducing stress. If octacosanol represents a breakthrough, it will soon be one of the world’s most popular supplements. Chronic sleep deprivation is linked to weight gain, Alzheimer’s, depression, and a host of other health concerns.