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Law of Attraction (LOA) – Does it Work?

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I’ve been a skeptic of the law of attraction (LOA). When self-development blogger Rebecca Temsen agreed to answer some questions about LOA, I warned her I might come across as a naysayer. She was fine with that so we went for it.

Are you on the fence about LOA? Read on!

LOA Disclaimer

Rebecca Temsen: I’m no expert on the law of attraction. I have a day job in marketing and I run my blog on the side. It’s a self-development blog that covers all sorts of topics related to the subject, from productivity to LOA.

I’ve read a bunch on LOA and I practice it whenever I consciously remember. So I’m just an average person like anyone else who uses LOA. I, too, have been skeptical about LOA and even now, I have my doubts.

How did you discover the law of attraction and why did you stick with it?

Rebecca Temsen: I wouldn’t say that there was a definitive moment when I discovered the law of attraction. I’ve always been into personal development and when I read a lot, naturally I’ll read some things about LOA. I read The Secret, just like many others, but that didn’t do me any good. I felt that the book was too hyped up and promised too much.

In the book there was an exercise about getting $10,000 I think, something along those lines where we believe and apply LOA, but I’m sure most of us didn’t end up with $10,000 in our wallets. I’ve read other books that were helpful and countless articles on the subject. In the end, I decided to stick with it because as someone who’s always trying to improve, LOA teaches the right stuff, and if you believe in goals and dreams, then that is one part of the law of attraction right there.

How do you respond to people who claim LOA is magical thinking?

I know that some ‘gurus’ teach and hype things up a lot. To say that we can magically get anything we want whenever we want, to me is naive thinking. My response to them would be to take it with a pinch of salt.

It might not be all it’s hyped up to be, but it works in its own way. Believing that our thoughts can somehow determine reality may sound like some snake oil nonsense but whenever we set a goal or come up with an idea, it is just a thought. With that in mind, LOA takes it one step further and helps us manifest these thoughts. I hope that makes sense.

Is there a risk for people who pursue LOA?

Such as, being taken advantage of by unscrupulous gurus who use LOA to promise unrealistic results?

Rebecca Temsen: Yes. There is a risk. There’s a risk in anything that concerns money. We see it in every industry, scammers are everywhere. In something like LOA, it’s easier to promise unrealistic results. The funny thing is the main goal of LOA is to get unrealistic results because who wants normal results that everyone’s already getting, right? There are good people and bad people everywhere, so be careful.

If I were to adopt LOA, what could I expect?

Rebecca Temsen: If you really believe in it and apply it, the worst that can happen is that you’ll improve some areas of your life. The main outline of LOA is to expect you will get something and believe it’s already attained. With that attitude and positive vibes, people are likely to respond to you. You might not notice it but I’m sure those around you will notice the difference.

I always believe that everything we work on must be lasting. No magic pill or genie will grant our wishes, it takes time and small changes to manifest our thoughts and desires. With that said, you can expect to be better off than you were before. I would never say that you’ll definitely get what you want. A number of people do get exactly what they want, and more. But that’s just me being conservative, as always.

What are some results of LOA that you’ve personally witnessed?

Rebecca Temsen: I’m not sure how personal this is but I have a friend who won the lottery twice. Not the main jackpot but a good amount. I’ve never tried to win the lottery myself but it’s worth a try. For me personally, I don’t look for things that are considered miracles. I look for smaller wins with LOA. Maybe I’m not thinking big enough but that’s just my nature.

One of the things I would consider a big win for LOA is when I decided to start blogging. I knew nothing and just applied the LOA. To keep things short, I met my partner, Matthew. He writes some of the posts and edits all of them. He’s brilliant and the blog wouldn’t have taken off without him.

Running a big successful blog was something I wanted to attract into my life and it looks like everything is in place. I know it’s not an overnight miracle but what else can you expect when building a blog? And coming from someone who knew nothing about blogging or building sites, this blog is really something anyone can be proud of, but not everyone can manifest.

You can read more of Rebecca’s views on the law of attraction on her blog.



Law of Attraction (LOA) – Does it Work?

Mike Bundrant

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