motivationSome parents really are loving, supportive, communicative and wise.

Other parents lack basic communication skills and honestly don’t care about their children. Many parents fall somewhere in between.

Still, other parents are supportive and loving as long as their children go along with their agenda.

This can work as long as the kids are interested in becoming what their parents want them to be. Otherwise, it’s hardly fair.

If you land into adulthood with a feeling that your parents never supported you in what you wanted to do with your life, you’re not alone.

The question is, now what do you do?

Here are three ideas that might be of some help.

1. As an adult, you get a second chance. You are not bound by your parents’ expectations. At least you do not have to be. You can do what you want, truly, if you are willing to put in the effort.

2. Don’t ruin your life because your parents never understood or supported you. They’re just people. So, they didn’t get it. Do you get it? That’s what matters in your adult life.

3. Success is the best revenge. Don’t waste time resenting your parents. In fact, resenting them will only compromise your goals. You’ll unwittingly set out to prove they ruined you by ruining yourself. Don’t do it! Set your goals and build consistent habits so that you can get the life you deserve on your own merit.