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8 Signs You’re Way Too Stressed

emotionalmasochismStress. It’s an evolutionary tactic that is great in small doses but is literally killing us now that we’re surrounded by it in our daily existence.

Here are eight signs you’re succumbing to its vices.

1. Always Sick

Getting sick once a year is normal. Getting sick once a month is not. Because continual stress depletes our body’s immune system, we begin to pick up everything that comes along, from the seasonal flu to the common cold.

2. Concentration Troubles

Too much stress leads to too much cortisol which leads to a smaller hippocampus which means you can’t remember your coworkers’ names anymore. Instead of giving in to stress’ stress on your memory, breathe deep during these situations to control your mind. It also helps revert the body back to a calm state by lowering blood pressure and the heart rate.

Studies also show that this child-like activity melts stress and increases focus.

3. Persistent Headaches

Stress headaches are not the worst headaches of your life. They are merely constant and annoying, making life even more stressful. The best cure is to reduce stress and treat this symptom with the help of your doctor.

4. Back & Neck Aches

Physically damaging as well, stress causes knots in the back and a stiff neck because of how we tense these muscles when feeling anxious. If you can’t mentally force these muscles to relax, practice stretching or yoga poses that target these trouble areas.

5. Sleep Trouble

After a long day of work, it should be no problem falling asleep soon after your head hits the pillow. However, should your mind refuse to shut off, there is a problem. Lack of sleep is well documented for making conditions worse. To counter this, make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to fall asleep at night. Cut alcohol and caffeine from the diet and exercise regularly.

When all else fails, try Sleep Switch to turn off your mind at night.

6. Hair Loss

More common in women than in men, extreme stress can lead to the body’s immune system attacking hair follicles, resulting in hair loss. Luckily, this condition is only temporary and the hair does grow back following relief from the stress.

7. UTIs

A urinary tract infection occurs when bacteria is free to climb up the urethra and multiply. This is why we urinate regularly. Unfortunately, many stressed individuals tend to hold their urine in order to work more. Be an adult. Go to the bathroom when you need to.

8. Sex Loss

Stress stretches to all aspects of life, including the bedroom. For both women and men, this means a severe decrease in bedroom time. For men, it usually results in erectile dysfunction stemming from the perceived stress to perform. To fix this, the source of the stress has to be dealt with and the loved one informed of the situation.

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Mike Bundrant

Mike Bundrant is the author of Your Achilles Eel: Discover and Overcome the Hidden Cause of Negative Emotions, Bad Decisions and Self-Sabotage and co-founder at The iNLP Center which offers online certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and life coaching.

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