holiday afformationsSo you’ll be hanging around extended family during the holidays.

Good for you.

Or is it?

If you’re stressed or annoyed being around your extended family, it can ruin your holiday. Some of us don’t even feel like we can be ourselves around family.

What follows are things to say to yourself that may be helpful. As you consider them, please bear in mind the following.

Stress, frustration and annoyance at extended family gathers is common. Very common! It’s not just you. Most people can identify with how you might be feeling.

It is also completely normal to hide your true self at these gatherings. When you grew up in a family that never encouraged you to be yourself, the habit of hiding who you really are developed. What else could happen?

This is a very difficult habit to break. And you should wonder if it’s even worth the effort to try, if family gatherings are a rare occasion for you. Don’t feel bad about it. Just keep working on yourself during the 99% of your life when you are not with your extended family.

Here are the affirmations:

1. I am me and you are you.

When people are throwing around their opinions, quietly (or openly) remind yourself of your boundaries. I am me and you are you. What you do and say is about you, not me.

Highly recommended book on boundaries with the ‘crazy-makers’ in your life here.

2. I can go with the flow today.

Most of the drama at family gatherings is not worth your emotional investment. Why get hooked by people that are not part of your everyday life? Why not just go with the flow and get through the day, having as much fun as possible?

3. I am grateful for those I love and for those whom I don’t love.

Let’s not forget the people who’ve always loved you in their own way, making sacrifices so that you can do something with your life. And let’s even be grateful for the people who inspire less than love.

Gratitude is the ultimate antidote to stress and depression. With gratitude, you’ll see the positive side – and even gain a new perspective on your most annoying relatives. A gratitude practice can change everything in your life.