darksidepersonalityDo you have feelings that you hate?

Do you do things you hate?

Is there a part of yourself that you wish you could kill?

Welcome to the dark side of your psyche. It’s for real…and it lurks beneath the surface of your conscious awareness, just outside of your control.

Your dark side cares nothing for your public image, good intentions or flowery goals.

Your dark side is powerful – and it’s hungry.

What does the dark side eat?

The dark side of your psyche has an insatiable appetite for misery and self-destruction.

If you do not come to terms with your darker needs, then those dark needs will continue to control you by producing negative emotions and behaviors that you have no choice but to endure.

The problem is, your dark side’s needs are twisted and misinformed. It wants what is bad for you.

Therefore, you cannot just feed it, although you probably have a hard time resisting. So, you’re stuck.

Welcome to the jungle…

You know you should not eat those donuts, but you do.

You know you should not smoke – it will kill you one day – but you do.

You know you should not scream at your kids – but you do.

You know you should not argue pointlessly, but you do.

You know you should not: Sleep in, cheat on your spouse, look at porn, take drugs, drink too much, eat too much, lie, steal, avoid responsibility, hate your neighbor…

You know you should: Eat right, exercise, treat others with respect, meditate, pray, study, get enough sleep, work less, live in the moment, take your vitamins, write in your journal, live more simply, practice random acts of kindness…

The dark side just doesn’t care about any of this. When it takes over, YOU don’t care.

What are dark side needs?

Dark side needs are negative psychological attachments. These attachments are what force you – over and over – to return to an old, familiar state of angst.

Attachments prevent you from feeling confident, balanced, strong and mentally healthy. Attachments seek expression through rejection, humiliation, fear, betrayal, worthlessness and failure.

To say it plainly, part of your psyche – the dark side – NEEDS to express itself through negativity.

Negative thoughts.

Negative feelings.

Negative behaviors.

Negative people.

With your dark side pulling the strings, you cling to negativity as if it were your birthright. You do so – subconsciously – by generating continual negativity within your psyche and by attracting negative people into your life and keeping them there.

How to deal with your dark side

The solution is to consciously retrain your dark side.

You cannot retrain it, however, unless you get to know it. The biggest challenge is bringing this deeply hidden aspect of your psyche into the light of your conscious awareness.

This free video is an essential first step toward understanding psychological attachments and the self-sabotaging dark side.

Few mental health professionals understand the dark side of the psyche. They focus more on realizing conscious desires, which are often very weak by comparison. This is why so much therapy, coaching and personal development efforts fail.

The good news is, nobody is better qualified to retrain your dark side than you. Are you up for it? It will change your life.

Watch this free video about negative psychological attachments and self-sabotage to get started.

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