eric_pearl_bookIt is my privilege to welcome to Mental Health Exposed radio this week none other than Dr. Eric Pearl, developer of Reconnective Healing, author of The Reconnection and a new book, Solomon Speaks.

I am not a Reconnection follower, although I do have some appreciation for what Dr. Pearl has accomplished since he burst onto the spiritual and energy healing scene.

Reconnective Healing is a new, non-touch approach to energy healing. When you are trained and reconnected, you gain access to spiritual energy in the universe that you can pass to others and heal them of all kinds of ills.

All of this began after Dr. Pearl was contacted by spiritual entities that were channeled through unsuspecting patients in his Los Angeles chiropractic office.

When I heard he was interested in being my guest on Mental Health Exposed, I agreed on the condition that I am a skeptic and would be more interested in challenging Dr. Pearl than catering to him. The challenge was accepted.

On the July 3, 2013 episode of Mental Health Exposed, Dr. Pearl and I went at it. I did challenge him. I questioned his methods. I suggested that his students are victims of mass hypnosis. I took issue with him on the practice of channeling, a theme central to Solomon Speaks.

Dr. Pearl was ready. I was told he could hold his own in any environment and he certainly did that. He is a very, very intelligent man with an in depth knowledge of healing, communication skills and spirituality.

When you factor in his charisma, it puts Dr. Pearl over the top and into a rare class of people who are able to create new paradigms and attract millions of followers. Whenever this happens, those of us on the outside of the phenomenon are left to wonder what the hell is going on.

Could all this be true? Or is it all one bold, fantastic lie?

Dr. Pearl’s story reminds me of Mormon Church founder Joseph Smith. Joseph’s claims of having seen God, angels, gold plates and so forth were so far out there that some people believed him because “no one could make all that up.”

I feel the same way about Dr. Pearl. If he is making up his story – and you simply have to listen to it to understand it – it rivals Joseph Smith. If he is making all that up, then he is either a sociopathic liar, charlatan scum or crazy.

If Dr. Pearl is telling the truth, then Reconnective Healing is something that you definitely NEED to understand because it is changing the world and the way people heal. We are truly at the dawn of a new spiritual and energetic age that appears to be ushered in by Dr. Pearl.

Dr. Pearl’s response? “I’m just a guy from New Jersey. I wouldn’t believe it if it hadn’t happened to me.”

Joseph Smith said something very similar. By the way, if Joseph was telling the truth, then you’d better join the Mormon Church right away, because it represents the one true spiritual path, rendering all others unsanctioned by God.

Is Dr. Pearl’s fantastic story true? I have no idea, but I hope so. I hope every healing opportunity is true.

You can listen to the interview right in this post. (Forgive the first commercial – it is bizarre!)