upset-womanIt is a sad fact that most people need to heal their mind before they can be happy, but it is a fact nonetheless.

An unhealed mind cannot be happy. In fact, an unhealed mind is hell-bent on misery.

Noticing the following signs of an unhealed mind is a positive step toward change.

Do the following signs apply to you? If you can see them in your life, then you already have a leg up! Be warned: I speak boldly about these issues. I can speak freely because I am not afraid to admit that they also apply to me.

Five signs of an unhealed mind

1. Mental and emotional misery

You experience mental commotion, self-criticism, runaway thoughts, bad habits, anxiety, depression, self-loathing and more. Your mind and emotions seem to operate on autopilot, out of your conscious control. Depending on your level of neurosis, your mind can feel like a psychic torture machine created just to make you miserable.

2. You experience your suffering passively

You do not see yourself as the source of all the suffering. Or, if you do see yourself as the source, you do not have the power or self-control to do anything about it. You remain a helpless victim – as if something were being done to you, rather than by you.

3. You are blind to the cause of your suffering

You seem to attribute your suffering to almost everything but the actual cause, which has never occurred to you and would shock and anger you if someone put it to you straight.

Worse, you may be convinced that your suffering is caused by people or circumstances that could never cause it. You may blame your spouse, your parents, your boss, your kids or your neighbor. You may blame “life” or God or your lack of education or opportunity. You may blame yourself; your inadequacy or inferiority. None of theseĀ  is capable of causing the kind of suffering your experience within yourself, yet these are the common “causes” people find.

4. You resist solutions

When real solutions present themselves, you turn them away or even allow them to upset you. To outsiders, it appears as if you don’t want solutions to your suffering, as if you were more content to suffer than to be happy.

5. You just can’t stop

You can’t get a handle on yourself. You know you are suffering, but can’t stop doing what you are doing. The results are feelings of anxiety and depression, hopelessness and helplessness – and eternal frustration.

Keys to healing

You need to educate yourself about how the mind and emotions work. This free video is a great place to start. I am not talking mechanics here, or cognitive behaviorism, but the underlying motivation for clinging to misery.

You must understand why your mind is bent on torturing you. When you begin to see the underlying reasons why you are attached to misery, only then you can begin to make real progress.

Your downfall is impatience. Because you are suffering, you want a magic bullet to make it all go away immediately. Unfortunately, there are a lot of personal development shysters in the world who will promise you that this is possible. You set yourself up for disappointment and failure when you believe these people.

Do the five signs apply to you?

To learn more about how underlying attachments sustain the unhealed mind by creating self-sabotage, watch this free video.

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