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The Great Glitch in Human Nature, Cause of so much Angst

frustration-1Is it a design flaw?

A hiccup of evolution?

Perhaps God installed the Great Glitch to keep us humble or make us miserable on this earthly plane.

Call it what you will, the Great Glitch of human nature is with us and making us miserable a good deal of the time.

What is it?

The Great Glitch is the pervasive tendency to do the opposite of what makes you happy.

Often, we justify these self-sabotaging actions and resist any attempts to change them.

At times we even find a strange satisfaction in the displeasure of the Glitch – as if it justifies us, keeps us safe, allows us to feel at home in that old familiar place of personal misery.

Here are some examples of the Glitch in action:

Pointless and destructive self-criticism. You criticize yourself “just because.” You call yourself stupid, an idiot, or a loser when you make even the smallest mistake – and you cannot stop.

You feel scared or guilty or bored when you begin to make progress in life or become happy – so you return to misery.

When you think of what you want, you tell yourself that you can’t have it.

When you think of what you want, you tell yourself you don’t deserve it.

When you think of what you want, you feel ashamed for wanting it.

When someone nice wants to be close to you, you push them away.

When someone mean wants to be close to you, you invite them in.

When you try to get healthy, you feel an overwhelming desire to do unhealthy things.

And so on…

Don’t these patterns come from childhood and not some “glitch?”

Yes, glitchy behavior in which you unwittingly sabotage your happiness stems from what you learned in childhood. You had bad role models who had bad roles models, who also had bad roles models, all the way back to the pond.

You also left the comfort of the womb and entered a much colder world that, comparatively, is full of deprivation, control and rejection. Even the best parents can’t compete with the shock of that.

The Glitch is the reality that virtually every human being ends up with symptoms of self-sabotage. We don’t have a built-in mechanism to protect us from it. It’s a flaw and no one is immune. By the time we are conscious of ourselves, it is too late.

How to heal the Glitch.

The only way to heal the Glitch is to learn about it – to see it for what it is and begin to make choices that diminish it. Healing the Glitch is a matter of expanding your awareness so that we understand what is going on – so that we get how and why we are doing what we do. Only then can we make a conscious choice to heal.

You cannot make choices over that which remains outside your awareness.

Toward this end, I have started a brand new website, the Great Glitch. The purpose of it is to explore, heal and laugh at the Glitch. We need some relief.

The Great Glitch in Human Nature, Cause of so much Angst

Mike Bundrant

Mike Bundrant is the author of Your Achilles Eel: Discover and Overcome the Hidden Cause of Negative Emotions, Bad Decisions and Self-Sabotage and co-founder at The iNLP Center which offers online certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and life coaching.

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