mindenemyIs your mind your friend or enemy?

We all want to think of the mind as our friend – our most powerful resource. Sometimes the mind works against us, though. In fact, the mind can be our greatest source of angst.

It’s as if we get some sort of mental autoimmune disease in which the mind turns on us and begins to destroy us.

Here are 10 symptoms of the mind working against you:

1. Worrying or obsessing about things that you cannot control, creating chronic, unnecessary stress

2. Attracting negative people into your life, even when you know they will hurt you

3. Craving large amounts of substances or activities that harm you: food, drugs, gambling, etc…

4. Abandoning healthy goals for no apparent reason, especially after making initial progress

5. Ending healthy relationships just when they start to go well

6. Seeking approval from people who will never approve of you, living in a state of rejection

7. Considering yourself worthless unless you achieve perfection, which never happens (a common set up for feeling like a failure and giving up on yourself)

8. Always waiting for the other shoe to drop, not believing happiness can last

9. Feeling overwhelmed or helpless to take care of yourself as an adult make progress in life

10. Feeling trapped, as if your options in life are limited

Under the influence of the mental autoimmune disease, a lot of people feel hopeless and just give up. You feel powerless to change and live a fully positive life, so who cares if you smoke, drink, gamble, financially sabotage yourself, ruin relationships and live an apathetic existence?

When you feel powerless to change what is going on inside you, you don’t care much about what is going on outside you, either! This puts all of humanity in a dangerous place. We’re vulnerable because we have not learned how to handle our own minds turning on us.

This condition affects us all to one degree or another.

If there is one fundamental problem to deal with, this is it!

You must make your mind your friend. This will resolve ALL of the above negative symptoms. Getting the right education is the key. There is no other way and no one can do this for you. You need to learn how and why your mind turns on itself. You need to understand the deeper psychological attachments in play so you can let them go, for good.

Why does your mind seem bent on criticizing you? Why do you make choices that take you in the wrong direction? Why would you ever work against yourself?

These questions are answered in this free video. Watch it and begin your journey toward greater personal power. This time is now…