If you’re looking for some scientifically researched ways to relieve mild to severe depression, improve your body image and reduce stress, consider Dance Movement Therapy and the other scientifically validated ideas in this short post.

Some impressive research has been done that indicates Dance Movement Therapy offers a host of benefits, including:

• Increased serotonin
• Stabilization of the sympathetic nervous system (the stressful one!)
• Great neurotransmitter balance
• Improved mood, more energy

University students were assessed during a 12-week study and showed significant benefits compared the group that did not boogie. This study involved mild depression.

Can we assume that there is nothing about Dance Movement Therapy that differentiates it from any other enjoyable form of exercise? I don’t know. Logically, I would assume that any form of consistent physical exercise done over a period of 12 weeks would produce excellent results in cases of mild depression.

What about severe depression?

Can we assume that cases of major depression might be improved with Dance Movement Therapy or another form of physical exercise?

Safe assumption! Here is the research.

If we add a clean diet, plenty of water and a safe amount of sunshine, I believe it improves the potential healing capacity significantly. In fact, major depression has been linked to glucose intolerance. Check it out.

The major obstacle with severe depression is that all of the above require a basic level of motivation to accomplish, especially over a 12-week period. Much of the time, that motivation is simply not there among the severely depressed.

It is as if we could remove ourselves from the mud if we weren’t stuck in the mud.

This is where a firm and caring friend, coach or counselor come in. There are natural solutions. Other people can help. The first step is to simply reach out. Do it.