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Inner Passivity: How We Trick Ourselves into Helplessness

One simple shift in perspective can make your world a better place.

The shift is from inner passivity to inner activity.

In this post, we’ll learn:

• What is inner passivity?
• What is inner activity?
• The consequences of inner passivity
• How to shift from passive to active

What is inner passivity?

Inner passivity, a term used by psychotherapist Peter Michaelson in his book, Phantom of the Psyche, is the tendency to experience life as if it were happening...
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How to Create a Custom Happiness Short List

I don’t need to tell you that people find happiness in different ways. What thrills and delights one person might make others cringe.

• Riding a roller coaster
• Fishing
• Taking a warm bath
• Sorting through a stamp collection
• Meditating

From wild base jumpers to quiet coin collectors, everyone has their individual short list of things that make them happy. Do you have your list?

Inspired by a post at Delivering Happiness, I decided to break...
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How a Strong Life Purpose Prevents Anxiety

Is a firm sense of life purpose correlated with lower anxiety?
Yes, but how does that work?

A clear sense of your purpose in life may provide a solid foundation that common fears cannot shake so easily. Knowing why you're here can prevent anxiety from stopping you.

In a study published in the Stress & Health Journal of the Wiley Online Library, researchers Richiro Ishida and Masahiko Okada asked volunteers to quantify both their sense of life purpose...
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How to Be Grateful When you’re Feeling Anything But

We could say there are three levels of gratitude. Understanding gratitude this way might show us how to get to a new level feeling grateful for what we have.

Three Levels of Gratitude

1. The full mind-body experience: Thinking grateful thoughts and feeling it all over.

2. The mind-body split: Thinking about what you're grateful for, but not feeling it.

3. Gratitude deficiency: Neither thinking...
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The State of Mind that Predicts Physical Health

Your level of gratitude may predict your physical and psychological health. This comes from a 2012 study of 1000 individuals aged 19-84.

According to research:

Dispositional gratitude correlated positively with self-reported physical health, and this link was mediated by psychological health, healthy activities, and willingness to seek help for health concerns.

If you have a high disposition toward gratitude, you are more likely to be in good spirits and report better physical...
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The Winner for Most Annoying Person in the World

Your spouse. Lifelong mates are the most annoying people in life, according to research.

But don't despair. If your spouse annoys you, that could be a good sign for your relationship, according to researchers.

Only on Earth. Only among humans, right? Mutual annoyance in marriage = a good thing. Can it be true?

It does make sense that if you spend a lot of time with someone, they have more potential to bug you. We spend more...
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Check Out these Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques Before You Give Up Searching for Solutions to Chronic Stress

Chronic stress might be the disease of our time. Some would argue that it is the single most damaging factor in modern life, contributing more to physical, mental and emotional dysfunction than any other phenomenon.

From lowered immunity, increased weight gain and elevated blood pressure, to an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, degenerative conditions, depression and mental illness, chronic stress and the resulting elevation in cortisol levels lower our life expectancy, reduce...
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5 Ways to Center Yourself in the Midst of Chaos

I don't know about you, but to me the world feels less certain and more chaotic than ever.

Both sides would probably agree that the political world has cracked. Climate change, whether you believe in it or not, casts a broad web of stress and conflict. And random acts of violence continue unmitigated. Our personal lives are also less grounded, given the infusion of technological distractions.

Grounded. That's what we need to feel. Centered and...
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Organize Your Desk to Boost Productivity

Are you looking for ways to increase your productivity? Start with your desk. Having an organized desk and work area can boost your productivity and clear your mind.
Powerful Benefits Stem from an Organized Work Area
Two researchers, Chae and Zhu, conducted a study in which they placed one group of students in a messy environment and another group in a neat setting with organized desks. The group in the messy environment had less stamina to persist...
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Your Kids Will Remember Someday, So Don’t Worry When They Resist Your Valiant Parenting

Pleasant surprise yesterday as my 27-year-old daughter posted to Facebook. Here's what she wrote (unedited): Growing up, I remember my dad going through a time that he pointed it out every time we were blaming each other, make us refocus the attention to ourselves, & start over.

At the time it was super annoying, I was probably 8 & I just wanted to argue & blame my brother (after all it was HIS FAULT) all...
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