The 13 Biggest Disappointments of Adulthood

A recent post on Reddit got the community buzzing about what they felt were the biggest disappointments of adulthood.

Most of the responses were quite heartfelt - many were a bit sad or wistful, some a little angry, and a few to make you fall off your chair laughing. But all of them were, I think, quite relatable.

Let’s take a look at a...


Simple Act that Reduces Social Anxiety

Researchers from Simon Fraser University and the University of British Colombia claim evidence that "doing good deeds" helps people relax. Do random acts of kindness reduce social anxiety?

I'd love to believe that such is the case. And if this turns out to be true, it also suggests something a little darker in the minds of people with social anxiety.

Jennifer Trew, one of the researchers involved in this study, said, "Acts of kindness...


Is Acceptance a Form of Weakness or Defeat?

Someone commented recently that to accept something you don’t like about yourself is a form of defeat.

When I asked what the issue was, he replied, “I can’t accept my height. I’m too short. I feel like if I were to accept it, I’d be giving in. I don’t want it to matter to me at all. I want to be indifferent around the issue.”


The Tao of Habits: Finding Freedom Between the Extremes

Swinging Between The Extremes

I’ve always had a thing for sweets.

Not just any will do: my weakness is for treats that are a perfect combination of fat and sugar. Fudge for instance. I can eat my body weight in fudge, and still go back for ‘just one more piece’.

For the most part, I’ve been able to control my sweet tooth, and generally maintain a well-balanced, healthy diet. But there have been times in...


The Life Purpose Trap

What if Searching For Your True Calling is Making you Miserable? 

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all the emphasis being placed on finding one’s true purpose or calling in life.

Seems like everyone is doing it, or at least that’s the message we’re bombarded with on a near constant basis. Judging by the number of people claiming to have found theirs, or giving 5 simple steps to finding ours,...


Children: Just Smaller Human Beings

One of the things I’ve always been proud of as a parent is my ability to relate to my children.

I’m not suggesting that I have it down to an art. And my children and I certainly have our share of clashes. But there is, and always has been, an underlying level of respect for one another that prevents outright war from ensuing.

The mutual respect we share has developed because of a fundamental belief I hold...


Cultivating Healthy ‘Bad’ Habits

Is there such a thing as a healthy vice? I believe so. 

And no, this is not just a huge rationalization, though there may be a touch of personal justification colouring my view on the topic.

But here’s the thing: when you live in a country where the winters are long, cold and dark, things can get a little bleak. They call it Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I prefer Serious Attitude Disturbance. We’re in the...


Unleash Your Creativity With a Beginner’s Mind

Watch a group of children while they are engaged in creative play, and you’ll see a beginner’s mind in action. 

Children make all sorts of unexpected and abstract connections between the familiar, and the new and unknown. As a result, they achieve remarkable possibilities and creative solutions that most adults simply wouldn’t see. Why? Because by the time we reach adulthood, we’ve got the ‘right way to do things’ imprinted in our minds for just about...


Lose Weight With Mindful Eating

The grapefruit diet. Skipping meals. Low-carb eating. Meal replacements. Slashing calories. 

If you’re struggling to lose some excess weight, it’s likely you’ve tried at least a few of these options when it comes to your diet. And if you’re like many people, you may have had some initial success, but then you hit a plateau or fall off the wagon and gain the weight back again.

The problem with restricted diet plans...


Your Unknown Needs Could Change Your Life

For an idea to catch on, it must reflect a clear, if unarticulated, societal longing. 

Wolfgang Blau, President @Conde Nast International
I haven't quoted Wolfgang Blau verbatim here but this is how his remark landed with me. Wolfgang was speaking in the context of business and the complexity of search engines at the international level. I'm attending Yoastcon in Nijmegen, Netherlands. It's a...