Turning Trauma Into Strength

Most of us have or will experience trauma at some point in our lives.

Whether it comes in the form of a personal upheaval - such as a serious injury or illness, victimhood at the hands of another, job loss, or the loss of a loved one - or through witnessing a traumatic event experienced by others, trauma is likely to have a profound and lasting effect on us. 

By now, we are all familiar with...


Does Getting Married Make Sense Anymore?

It would seem marriage has become a relic of sorts.

The downward trend in new marriages, along with the matching upward trend in divorce rates has left many people disillusioned and wary about the institution of marriage, particularly perhaps the younger generations. Fewer and fewer couples are going the route of marriage, opting instead for less traditional options.

Once Upon A Time…

Marriage at one time made a great deal of sense from a socio-economic point of view:...


Want to Appear More Approachable? Just Tilt Your Head.

Our brains are truly amazing. Facial recognition is one brilliant example of how quickly and mysteriously our brains work to help us navigate and function in relationships and with the world around us.

With just one glance at another’s face, our brains are able to effortlessly process a huge amount of information: the person's age, race, gender, state of health, mood and expression, and the direction of their gaze. The volume of social...


Want To Influence Your Dreams? Here’s How.

We all know how it feels to awaken from a particularly delicious dream, and then try in vain to fall asleep and get back into it. Or perhaps you recall a dream so unsettling or strange that it left you in a weird mood all day.

Though not everyone remembers their dreams, the vast majority of us do in fact dream each night. And just as our dreams can affect our daily waking...


8 Effective Ways to Overcome Procrastination

It’s early January, and many of you are still feeling highly motivated towards fulfilling New Year’s resolutions. 

But what of those of us who, despite our very best intentions, struggle with procrastination when faced even with highly desirable goals and objectives? Why does it feel like, just when we have a burst of energy and enthusiasm for some long-awaited dream, to be suddenly swamped with lethargy, frozen in indecision, or overcome with excuses and rationalizations?

It’s extremely...


How Detoxification Diets Affect Mental Health and Wellbeing

January is that disheartening time of year when many of us must face the music of our holiday debauchery. 

All that revelry has a price - our waistlines have expanded from too many cheese platters and sugar cookies, our livers are exhausted from all that good cheer, and our bank accounts are painfully overdrawn. Add to that the fact that we’re still a long way away from Spring, and you’ve got a recipe for the...


Social Media Detox: What It Is, and 8 Reasons You Should Do It

With the approaching holiday season and all the overindulging that’s bound to happen, many people like to schedule a cleansing fast or detox diet into their New Year plans.

The positive effects on your health from a full body detox can be impressive. But did you know that a digital and social media detox can be just as necessary, and yield equally profound health benefits?

Technology improves our lives in many ways, and social media can be a...


No More Excuses: Evening Exercise Doesn’t Cause Sleep Problems

There are many, many perfectly good excuses for not exercising. 

I’m too full from lunch. I’m too hungry before dinner. I don’t have time in the mornings. I’m too busy during the day. We can find all kinds of reasons to avoid getting the physical activity we all know we need. 

Well, at least one popular excuse is officially off the table, at least for most of us. Turns out, exercising in the evenings and before...


Optimism, Pessimism, or Realism – Which is Best?

When we think of whether a person is an optimist or a pessimist, we often tacitly judge one as being ‘better than’ the other.
Optimistic people are generally considered to be positive, happy and well-balanced, while their counterparts, the pessimists, are viewed as negative, grumpy, and uni-dimensional in their view on life.

But is this accurate? Not really.

Generally, a person with an optimistic outlook on life will see opportunities, where a pessimist sees potential problems or obstacles. Where...


Renegotiating Christmas for a Truly Joyful Holiday

For many, the holiday season comes with a full helping of emotional baggage.

There may be sadness or disappointment from Christmases past, or simply a feeling of longing for the simpler, happier times of our childhood. Some have lost loved ones over the holidays, coloring the festivities with shades of grief and loss. 

But even those who normally look forward to enjoying the pleasures of the holidays with family and friends may find themselves...