Are We Just Like Our Dogs?

We all know people who bear an uncanny resemblance to their dogs. 

There is some interesting science to back up the theory behind people looking like their dogs. According to a study conducted by psychologist Sadahiko Nakajima, it comes down to similar facial features, particularly the eyes.  

"A major reason of the dog-owner facial resemblance is the so-called 'mere exposure effect,” says Nakajima, which is simply the idea that dog-owners will choose a dog with...


Utilizing the Mind-Body Connection in Coaching Practice


being prescribed an hour of gardening 3 times per week to treat your symptoms of depression;
sparring with your life coach to address your fear of conflict;
treating breast cancer with dance.

Unconventional? Perhaps. Effective? Emerging studies suggest yes. Worthy of further investigation? Absolutely.

Therapeutic and coaching practices which incorporate physical movement or activity alongside or in combination with more traditional cognitive approaches are becoming increasingly common, according to research conducted by Trish Matthews...


Global Impacts of Rising Levels of Inactivity

Lack of physical activity is on the rise, particularly in affluent countries, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In a recent study, the organization estimates that more than a quarter of the planet’s population is not getting enough physical exercise.

Wealthier countries appear to be most affected, primarily as a result of a significant increase in, and transition to, more sedentary white collar and desk jobs, and the ready availability of cars and public transit to...


Vaping: A Viable Way to Quit Smoking?

A friend of mine has been trying to quit smoking for some time now. He’s attempted going cold turkey (he found this very stressful, as did whoever was sharing his space at the time!), then tried a more gradual reduction, but always found himself back up to his customary habit within a short period of time. More recently, he tried to quit using nicotine patches and gum, but found that they gave him stomach pains and...


Binaural Beats: Effect On the Brain

A wealth of studies have been performed documenting the effect of binaural beats on the brain.

The studies wax poetic on the amazing effects binaural beats have on mood, cognition, health (both physical and emotional), and spiritual growth. Personal growth benefits are many. However, most studies extol the benefits of binaural beats for meditation.
What Are Binaural Beats?
Electrical activity in the brain is affected by neurons, of which we have billions. Communication between neurons is carried by brainwaves....


An NLP Tip to Help your Communication with Co-Workers

Studies show that managers spend as much as 80 percent of their workday communicating. You spend your day talking, listening, presenting, and sharing information with people both inside and outside the organization.

The better you are at sharing ideas and communicating with customers, clients, and the people you manage, the more you will understand people’s needs and the more successful you will be in your work, according to an article titled Communicating As A Manager published...


Four Reasons You Wake Up with a Bad Attitude

What are the first thoughts and feelings you have upon waking?

God, I don't wanna get up.
I hate my life.

You get up, trudge into the bathroom and look in the mirror.

Ugh, I look awful. 

You're putting together coffee and someone says good morning.

Grunt. I hate morning people.

What gives?

Here are four reasons that might be causing your bad attitude in the morning.

1. Morning Depression

You could have morning depression, which may be caused by disturbed circadian rhythms that affect...


The Simplest Weight Loss Tip

We all know a couple of things about weight loss.

It usually involves eating less and moving more. 2) Weight loss is tough to maintain.

One tip reported by and recommended by the Amercian Heart Association may make implementing a weight loss protocol easier. Here is it.

Eat the same thing every day. 

This flies in the face of recommendations by other nutrition authorities to eat a diet filled...


Quick Thought on Taking Care of your Self

Before we talk about taking care of yourself, we should define the Self.

And that is nearly impossible, but we'll try.

The Self is the part of you that:

• Feels like "just you"
• Feels your age (not your inner child)
• Does not get triggered - remains calm
• Is curious and compassionate
• Feels grounded

According to Internal Family Systems, the above describes the Self with a capital "S".

If there's a Self such as this, are there other...

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