Three Characteristics of the Inner Saboteur

Why would you want to discover your inner saboteur?

Because this part of you is responsible much misery? Why not learn all you can about the inner saboteur so that you can begin to heal or at least negotiate with it?
What is the Inner Saboteur?
The inner saboteur is a part of your psyche. "Parts" are like subpersonalities, which have been a point of discussion in philosophy and psychology since ancient times.

The book, Subpersonalities by...


Anxiety in Dating and New Relationships: Here’s What you Need to Know

This is a guest post from relationship expert and anxiety sufferer, Erica Gordon, of The Babe Report.

Anxiety is at an all-time high at the beginning of a new relationship, where it's normal to be insecure due to the uncertainty in where you stand.
A lot of anxiety stems from feelings of uncertainty. It’s the not knowing or not understanding why his behavior is inconsistent that gets to us. And, not knowing how he truly feels or who else he might be pursuing when...

Habits and Addiction

Finding the Root Cause of Overeating

What causes so many people to overeat to the point of damaging their bodies and limiting their quality and length of life?

Most adults are aware that the calories they consume minus the calories they burn dictates whether pounds are gained, lost or stay consistent. However, this doesn't seem to change the fact that overeating remains a serious concern in America.

There is significant research on the subject that shows a variety of causes for overeating,...


The 3-Part Gratitude Miracle that Can Turn a Life Around

Imagine this foul scene:

You slept like crap and your eyes are burning. And your belly is chronically bloated because something doesn't agree with you and you'll never figure that one out.

Your partner is being horrible again and that damn step-kid insane. How did you get into this mess of a family? But you're trapped and that's even more depressing. You'd sink into a permanent fog,

The bills are late because you're short on money again....


Today I am Grateful for….(Come on, You Can Do it Too)

I'm feeling stuck in an emotional rut this morning. Let's see how a gratitude practice can help.

On a 1-10 scale, how good am I feeling right now? Answer: 3.

Let's go: Today I am grateful

Being alive. This is my default answer. But it's true.

A wife who loves me more than she bugs me. And who I love (hopefully more than I bug).

My Dyson fan. Shallow? Sure. But I LOVE this thing! It's so...


Tired of Letting Yourself Down Yet Continuing to Do So?

Do you let yourself down a lot?

I'm disappointed in myself again. It's the same old thing. I did it (broke my diet, put my foot in my mouth, spent too much money, chose the wrong dating partner) again. Now, I feel a little helpless and hopeless that I will ever get past this. Why can't I just get over this?

Being disappointed in yourself means your behavior did not match your expectations. There are only...


How to Stop Complaining About Things You Don’t Want to Do

It's normal. We all complain like children about tedious tasks, but it's not necessary. Life could be so much more enjoyable if we approached the tedium with a different mindset.

Which mindset?

Here's how to get there
Just think of something you're grateful for that requires the tedious task. So many unwanted tasks are the result of wonderful things that we've taken for granted. You've gotten so used to the blessings and have forgotten how lucky...


What You Take for Granted May be the Key to Happiness

Taking things for granted is natural and necessary. If we could take nothing for granted, we'd be stuck in a neverending battle with overwhelming uncertainty and worry.

Is the sun going to rise tomorrow? Probably a good idea to assume it will and go about your day.

What you take for granted is one less thing to worry about. Of course, we overdo it and take for granted things that we'd be happier appreciating more.



6 Signs of Trustworthy vs. Untrustworthy Partners

What causes a partner to cheat or become untrustworthy in other ways? It’s a question researchers have been asking for decades and there is no set answer.

For example, you might be tempted to pawn off an infidelity as an indicator that a marriage is unhappy in the first place, but that’s not necessarily true.

A study done by Rutgers University found that 56 percent of men who cheat and 34 percent of women say they are...

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