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Blast Yourself Into Class

student240Many of us are caught up in a vortex of work-home-work that seems to leave us in a dizzying spell with distant memories of vacations, moments of joy, and days when we were once students.

But the vortex can be stopped. Some lucky people have a couple hours to spare two or three nights a week, and who can find hope for breaking this vicious cycle and, perhaps, change the direction of their lives.

The questions is, are you willing to put on a backpack again to take on the student roll-model you always wanted to become in your novel of life?

What inspires you? What do you want to learn about?

I’m writing today to inspire all of us to think about expanding our minds by immersing ourselves in a community college class. It’s relatively inexpensive, often convenient, and has great potential to add a skill to your arsenal or open you mind to something entirely new and inspiring.

I have no hidden motives here, no ties to a school system of any sort. I’m not a professor or running for any office.

We Need A Healthy Push

All I know is that sometimes we need a regular spoonful of inspiration, and receiving it through an interesting class is often a forgone option.

Among all the ways we can enhance our lives, sometimes sitting back in a relaxing chair to listen to an inspirational professor – whether he or she be a poet, writer, architect, accountant, artist, musician, scientist, or any whatever ignites the flames in your mind – is totally worth that 1 hour twice a week.

I know what you’re thinking. I don’t have time to go to school. I’m too good for community college. I hate studying.

Tom Hanks Goes To School

Then I invite you to read what Tom Hanks wrote in The New York Times about how “I owe it all to community college.” He found endelible dreams in his drama classes that sparked the beginnings of one of the most successful careers in showbusiness. He is but one of thousands of examples of new-found careers based on community college experiences.

There is a small vaccuum in your mind, not satisfied witht he current state of affairs. You have a choice – continue to ignore it, or erase the void with information that truly moves you.

Beyond Therapy and Food

Often, we need shorter obstacles and longer sails to reach the next chapters in our lives. Signing up for a class that inspires you and expands your mind is a very direct and tangible way to do this. It’s not all about seeing therapists and eating the right foods.

Sometimes you have to go through the paces of a classroom, have things assigned to you, and be evaluated to grow as a person. We all need a push sooner or later.

The year is still young. Now is a perfect time to find that one amazing class you never had time to take. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a life-altering experience while you’re at it.

Sign me up!

by Dr. Charles Chaney

President, the Depression Health Network

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Blast Yourself Into Class

Dr. Charles

Dr. Charles Chaney is a leading pain medicine physician and psychiatrist in Southern California who specializes in women's health. He completed training in interventional pain medicine at UCSD and in general adult and reproductive psychiatry at UCLA. He has several publications in peer-reviewed academic journals, and has given numerous talks at medical conferences.

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