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You Are Like a Red Velvet Oreo


Valentine’s Day and Your Need For Change

Look, we all love red velvet cake, most of us anyway. We’d even go so far as to try anything red velvet once. Stores already carry red velvet candles, vodka, coffee, Peeps, and M&Ms.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and a very famous snack producer has decided to put on the red velvet jacket.

Oreo wants in on the action. Oreo started planning the first-ever Red Velvet Oreo cookie 12 months ago to be released for Valentine’s Day this year.

So why am I writing about it? For three reasons. First, there’s a parallel between our lives and the ever-changing Oreo. A tad silly I realize, but true. Second, I want all of us to be something more enticing. Yes, you heard me correctly. And third, I want to remind us to avoid sweets even though I’m using one as a metaphor (I know it’s a tad hypocritical).

So, back to the parallel. Oreo cookies are king. The Oreo dominates the cookie snack market. You’d think that being king would motivate you to keep your identity the same. But no, Oreo has eight everyday flavors in the USA.

Lesson 1 – Variety keeps you king

You can change various aspects of yourself and still be your best. Feeling stale? Ready for a change? Listen to that. Add change to your life that you and others will feel refreshed being a part of. Join a new social group, start a new hobby, wear a different outfit, start to exercise, become red velvet something.

Like the soon-to-be-released Red Velvet Oreo, you should try modifying a part of who you are so that you are more – how do I put it gently – exciting. Too often we tiptoe around concepts of change. Afraid to hurt feelings, we make mild suggestions. So I’m being a little more upfront.

You may not feel exciting, you may not feel interesting at all.

But you’re wrong. Exciting is a matter of decision. Momentum. Belief. Action. Take a moment to think about one way you can make yourself more exciting (but keep it legal and safe).

Lesson 2 – Red is in

Red is the color of love, energy, passion. Like red velvet, let’s be more red in our outlook on life by being mindful of love and energy. Everyone has the potential to enhance their own lives. Some do it quite literally by changing their appearance.

Others, by calling friends and initiating meet-ups. Still, others take on a new hobby that requires some modest expenditure of creative or physical energy. It’s all possible. You just have to force yourself to take the step towards energy, towards love, towards red velvet.

Before I sign off, I do have to remind us all that eating too much sweets is not recommended.

The last thing anyone needs is a new bad habit of eating sweets that leads to diabetes, which in turn can lead to a plethora of terrible consequences (such as numbness in the hands and feet, ulcers, erectile dysfunction, body pain, cardiac disease, kidney disease, stroke, and a dysfunctional GI system). Other than that, go ahead and enjoy a piece of red velvet on Valentine’s Day.

Look, if you want to be more like red velvet, that’s great. But don’t become too sweet about it.

by Dr. Charles Chaney

President, the Depression Health Network

Red velvet cookies photo available from Shutterstock

You Are Like a Red Velvet Oreo

Dr. Charles

Dr. Charles Chaney is a leading pain medicine physician and psychiatrist in Southern California who specializes in women's health. He completed training in interventional pain medicine at UCSD and in general adult and reproductive psychiatry at UCLA. He has several publications in peer-reviewed academic journals, and has given numerous talks at medical conferences.

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