Auditory Processing

Mental Health, SPD and PTSD: It Should Be within My Rights to Play Music to Maintain My Mental Health Needs 

When you have sensory processing disorder (SPD) and/or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), you never know when a noise is going to trigger you, and you have to be prepared at all times. Since moving into our new home, I’ve found ways to muffle the noise around us. I run box fans to drown out my neighbors’ constant use of lawn equipment and the traffic on the busy road near us. And I listen to music both inside and outside my home. To create my own sensory sanctuary. To keep myself from being triggered by the noise. To feel safe.


Mental Health and Self-love: Cheers to Self-care Saturdays

Typically on Saturdays, I find myself in a mad rush to get things done. Because, you know, we basically get only one day. Sundays are for recovering from one week and preparing for another. And my husband and I seem to have events to attend at least a few weekends a month. Making Saturdays and Sundays blur together. So I find that if I’m not careful, I’ll spend my weekends cleaning frantically or hurrying to get things ready before running out the door. 

But that doesn’t work for me anymore. I’d rather take my time and enjoy what I’m doing when I’m doing it rather than checking everything off my to do list. So in an effort to be more mindful of self-care, I’ve decided to institute self-care Saturdays, and I aim to have at least two per month. 


Neurodiversity and Mental Health: Learning to Accept Change in Order to Grow 

Change is difficult for me because it alters the way I think about things. Which is obvious. It does for everyone. But my thinking doesn’t adjust or shift easily, making dealing with change sometimes a debilitating act. It forces me into an altered state. Where if too many things are different, it’s like it triggers my fear response. And I freeze. Or I explode. Fleeing or fighting. 

Auditory Processing

Mental Health and Regulation: How Music Is a Sensory Savior 

We recently splurged on getting a Bluetooth music fan installed in our bathroom. It’s awesome. It plays music like you’re at a club. So now I dance in the shower like that’s where I’m at. 

Dancing and singing and listening to music can take me out of some of my worst moments. And send me to places I wouldn’t know how to get to without it. Music is one of my most cherished mediums. It’s poetry. It keeps me regulated. It’s my sensory savior.


Mental Health and Change: Depression Comes with Transition (But It’s Okay)

A few weeks ago while packing to move to our new house, I came across the essay, "Losing It," by Dominique Browning that appeared in The New York Times Magazine in 2010. An essay that spoke to me so much that I’ve saved it for almost a decade. It’s something that calls to me often. But it was lost for years. So when I found it while packing, I put it with the things that would end up on my desk in the new house. So I wouldn’t lose it again.