30 Things I’m Thankful I Learned about Neurodiversity

 I’ve been on a journey discovering my neurodiversity all 37 years of my life, and while I can’t say the journey has been easy, during the last two years, I’ve really started to understand what it means to be neurodivergent. For better or for worse, I am and always will be. And while on difficult days I wish things were different, I am learning the strength in my differences. And in myself. And I have a lot to be thankful for.


Tactile Defensiveness: Never Fully Dressed with a Smile

I recently bought a new pair of slippers because the pair I had been wearing were falling apart so badly that it became difficult to walk in them. I came home, put my new slippers on, cut the tags off and threw my old slippers into the garbage. Something I never do. Usually, it takes me days, sometimes even weeks, to adjust to something new to wear. It sits in my closet until one day, I feel prepared to give it a go. And I should have known better than to throw out my old slippers. Because I needed more time to decide if wearing the new ones was something I could handle.


Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD): 10 Things My Parents and I Wish We Would Have Known

As a baby, I had colic. I would cry no matter what my parents did. As a toddler, I would rip my clothes off, screaming and thrashing until I was free from them. As a child, I became quickly overwhelmed. By lights, sounds, smells. By groups of people. I wouldn’t eat most foods. I would only sit in certain seats at restaurants. I would have meltdowns on a daily basis.