4 thoughts on “PTSD and Fight-or-flight Response: It’s Sound that Triggers and Haunts You

  • October 6, 2019 at 2:53 am

    I was looking up information on antidepressant’s and gut health when I came across this. I saw the word PTSD fight and flight and it jumped out at me. I was robbed at gunpoint in 2008 and haven’t been the same since. I could relate to this article and the triggers, in fact I had the same type of dreams that were very disturbing, violence failure at being unable to do jobs that I was very proficient in, or being in a situation where I couldn’t see an escape from what was about to occur. I am on several meds, propranolol, citalopram, Adderall, clonazepam, atorvastatin, and Levothyroxine for thyroid. I admit that after researching on my own that there are side effects on all meds, but I am concerned non the less of how much of the things I experience are the drugs or are caused by the PTSD! I have good days and I have bad days. Sometimes I have energy that can seem obsessive or manic, and on other days I am sedentary and have to force myself to move! I see a Psychiatrist every two weeks, and I am monitored on the drugs that I take with Lab work! The other thing I deal with is insomnia. I had a lousy childhood but was able to overcome the neglect and abuse. The robbery is a whole different story. I can’t seem to be who I was prior to it happening. I was alone with Noone to help me in my office when it happened. I was doing closing duties as usual at work, and I thought I saw something move past my closed door. I felt uncomfortable and got up to look. I walked to the door, opened it and that fast I had a gun in my stomach. I can remember it like it just happened yesterday, and it just won’t go away. I have so many issues from that night of terror on Oct 19th 2008 @ 12:43am The assailant/s were never apprehended and now I am always afraid of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, so that is a limitation as well

    • October 11, 2019 at 5:08 pm

      Hi Lynda,

      I am so very sorry to hear of what happened to you and of how much you suffer from it.

      I’ve found that occupational therapy has put me on the right track to healing because it’s teaching me to regulate my nervous system and to feel safe living inside of my body. I would strongly recommend finding an occupational therapist that you can begin working with. Perhaps your psychiatrist could even refer you to one near you.

      I hope you feel better very soon. Sending light and love your way.

      All My Best,

  • October 10, 2019 at 12:26 pm

    I’ve had PTSD for 3 years after witnessing my son’s Suicide. I’ve been through therapy for 2 years & can handle it better, but I still see the images & night terrors. My doctor has me on meds & we’ve adjusted them several times without success. It’s hell on Earth !
    I don’t know if there’s anything more I can do! I go to grief group for traumatic death. I’m using mindfulness meditation & have tried transcendental meditation. I just can’ See living my life like this. I can’t leave & do this to my family again. Any suggestions?

    • October 11, 2019 at 5:19 pm


      I am so very sorry to hear of what you’ve been through. I hope you see your strength and ask for help when you no longer do.

      I absolutely recommend seeing an occupational therapist and a psychotherapist to help you begin to process your emotions. After over 20 years of trying other doctors and medications, they are the only two things that have helped me. Perhaps you could ask your doctor for a referral for one or both, so you can start seeing them soon.

      I hope you feel better soon. Sending light and love your way.

      All My Best,


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