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Mental Health and Self-care: When You Can’t Give Your All to Your Work

In my over 20 years of working, I’ve learned that, when it comes to your mental health, pushing yourself just isn’t worth it. Sometimes you can’t be your best. And sometimes your work suffers.

My husband and I are moving into our first house this week. Well, our first purchased house. Which means we’ve been packing our current rental and getting our new house ready to move into. Which saves little time for much else. And while I’m lucky to have this semester off from teaching, I still have my weekly blog.

In the beginning of the week, I was determined to cram it in. To get up even earlier each morning. To still produce a thorough, polished piece. But I’ve been too foggy. Drained. Overworked. And trying to accomplish something creative in addition to the millions of things running through my head has not been possible.

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I quickly realized I was pushing myself to try to write something more than I was able to. And that this week, it wasn’t going to happen. I thought of emailing my editor and asking if I could skip this week’s post. But then I realized that this was a good opportunity to be honest. So I opted for the truth.

The truth that sometimes there isn’t enough time in the week to do everything that needs to be done. And that you’ll still need to take time to practice self-care. Unfortunately, my blog suffered. But my mental health didn’t. Because it came first.

With our moving date set for tomorrow, I can thankfully say I’m actually (somewhat) prepared. As prepared as I can ever be for change. This served as a good reminder to take it easy on myself. To sometimes let things slide. Not to get in the habit of it, but to realize I might not always be able to give my best to everything. And that that’s okay. To forgive myself when I’m unable to accomplish everything in a given day or week — it takes too much energy to feel bad about things all the time. To let it go. And take care of myself. 

I wish all of you a mentally healthy work week. Remember to take a break when you need one, to practice self-care and to put your mental health first.

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Mental Health and Self-care: When You Can’t Give Your All to Your Work

Jenna Grace

Jenna Grace is a neurodivergent writer and educator with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sensory processing disorder (SPD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and social anxiety disorder (SAD) diagnoses. She writes and speaks about topics including neurodiversity and SPD in order to help others and to explore new meaning. Visit her website or Twitter, @jennagracewrite.

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