Flash! Narcissism Leads to Perfectionism and Workaholism

"Perfectionism is probably the most common and also one of the most damaging characteristics of dysfunctional families," wrote John and Linda Friel in their excellent book An Adult Child's Guide to What's Normal. When I read that, I felt like I'd discovered fire. Perfectionism ran rampant in my narcissistic family and I've been its willing slave since childhood.

But why? That's what I want to know.


Hey! Don’t Rush Me to Forgive, Forget and Get Over It

Anyone struggling to recover from emotional abuse has probably been told, "Oh, just forgive, forget and get over it!" What a slap to the face! As I chronicle my own journey of healing from narcissistic abuse on Narcissism Meets Normalcy and the Huffington Post, pissed-off readers post comments like this frequently! I bet you've heard it a lot too. So let's chat about it, shall we?