Hey! Don’t Rush Me to Forgive, Forget and Get Over It

Anyone struggling to recover from emotional abuse has probably been told, "Oh, just forgive, forget and get over it!" What a slap to the face! As I chronicle my own journey of healing from narcissistic abuse on Narcissism Meets Normalcy and the Huffington Post, pissed-off readers post comments like this frequently! I bet you've heard it a lot too. So let's chat about it, shall we?


When Family Is A Cult (Pt 1)

Treading the path of narcissism research, a bunny trail led off into the underbrush. A signpost said "Cult Lane." Naturally, I turned off the beaten path to follow the bunny trail. I mean, who wouldn't!? And I'm so glad I did.

Light glimmered when I read on , "Growing up in a family of narcissists is akin to being raised in a cult."

Fascinating shit! On hands-and-knees, I scrambled along the bunny trail as it led deeper into the thicket.

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How Narcissists Exploit Cancer and Every Other Ailment

I honor the millions who heroically battle cancer, determined to live life to its fullest and flip cancer the bird. Unfortunately, narcissists aren't always among this valiant throng. Give a narcissist cancer (or any ailment) and he'll exploit it to the max, making everyone's life a micro-managed living Hell along the way. I know. I was there.


Stockholm Syndrome: Loving Our Abuser

Reading old emails exchanged with my captors makes me sick. Nauseated. Loquacious lovey-dovey's and toe-curling coo's drip from our email conversations. The contrast between our communication back then is in stark contrast to the barbs and silences now.

It's contradictory. Crazy-making.

Backstory: My parents forbade...


Danger, Will Robinson: Paranoiac Parents

Bed bugs: mother's latest paranoiac fad. Her home's gonna' get infested with the little devils. She's sure of it.

Mother's paranoia is nothing new. She's been this way all my life. And her mother is a paranoiac, controlling narcissist too. Together they form a hysterical duo, collecting and trading dangers like some people trade baseball cards. Their "Danger Scrapbook" is second-to-none, bulging with terrors of every description.