Beauty: It’s Vitally Important!

I often tell Michael, "Beauty is the twelfth commandment. Cleanliness is Commandment #11 because 'cleanliness is next to godliness,' and Beauty is Commandment #12." He usually rolls his eyes and changes the subject. While I admit that aesthetics probably matter too much to me, I think they're more important than our twenty-shades-of-beige-heroin-chic culture gives them credit for.


Narcissists’ Kids: A Mindset of Deprivation

Six minutes from my grandfather's final resting place at Fort Snelling Cemetery is the famous Mall of America. Standing proudly since 1992, it has weathered the trend of megamall closings that grieves my generation who came of age roaming the halls and concourses of megamalls.

I remember when MOA opened. All my classmates excitedly talked about enjoying the rides at Camp Snoopy. Always the Odd Woman Out, to this day I've never been there.


1 Weird Thing All Narcissists Do

It would be funny, if it weren't so tragic. It would be amusing, if it weren't so maddening. In my experience, all narcissists do one weird thing: they believe themselves to have a skill they don't actually possess and pursue it doggedly.

Dare to tell them the truth and watch them double-down, entrench, deny, bluster...and then prove they can do XYZ by doing it again...with even more tragic results.


Hi Mom: An Open Letter to my Mother

Hi Mom,

How are you? Did you get the Frangos? Little blast from the past, eh! I know you always liked them. Enjoy or as I always say in Julia Child's honking voice when I serve Michael his dinner, "Bon Appétit!"

Long time, Mom. Six years!

Well, you've had time to read four years' worth of Narcissism Meets Normalcy. Every word I write is for you, Mom. The other million readers are welcome but it's you I write...

Bad dreams

Life: You Only Get Out of It What You Put Into It

Life is like friendships. You only get out of it as much as you put into it. And boy! Does that take a lot of work!

The Greatest Generation knew that. In those pre-television days, they worked hard at having fun. You weren't given toys during the Great Depression. You made them. But now with TV, the web, video games, smartphones and whatever it is that keeps young people and their very, very well developed thumbs entertained, we've lost the concept of working hard at making a wonderful life for yourself! Heck! I struggle with it myself and I barely squeaked into Gen X by a whisker.


Tiny Acts of Kindness A Better World Makes

Way back in January of this year, I wrote about a heartwarming tale of kindness in Of Kindness and Pound Cake: Hope for 2019. I believe there's a power in a tiny act of kindness that can vanquish a huge act of evil but in the hustle, bustle and hurly-burly of real life it's easy to forget I kinda' thought my own article was bull$hit.

Now, I'm not so sure.