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Smiling Devils – The Infamous Turpins and their Shackled Children

Nothing makes me more furious than when one human being holds another human being against their will — whether the victim realizes it or not, regardless of whether their shackles are physical or mental, emotional, spiritual or financial. I'm convinced it happens much more than we realize. Hell, it happened to me! It may've happened to you. Almost weekly, the DailyMail runs a horrific story about a forgotten person(s) discovered in a shed, a basement, a filthy bedroom.

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Realizing Your Dream Life after Narcissistic Abuse (Pt 2 of 2)

As I wrote in Part 1, "Our narcissists defined us as a person wrongly and pressed us into a lifestyle that was inauthentic to us. They scoffed at our dreams and mocked/appropriated our creativity. In the end, we crawled into our shells and gave up on living, really living!"

This is our big chance to jettison all of that, step back and design a life that would make us really happy. Maybe even your "dream life"!
This is Your Dream Life!
Grab your journal...
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Rejecting the Helpful Narcissist (Who Always Knows Best)

"But I made it better," said narcissist Sheldon Cooper to Leonard on The Big Bang Theory, referring to the smartphone app they were developing together.

"I don’t want it better," Leonard sneered. "I want it my way." And he was right!

That episode of TBBT brought back all the memories. The helpful person, perhaps a full-blown narcissist, perhaps a covert narcissist, who always wanted to be involved, give suggestions, dream up possibilities, make recommendations, and lend an unsolicited helping hand.

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The Wrong Uses for Righteous Anger

Victims of narcissistic abuse hold a lot of anger. Righteous anger, deserved anger, just anger. They may not know it, but they do. Acknowledging the anger, accepting it, embracing it, expressing it and ultimately working it through takes time, time, time and a lot of work.

It's easy to get stuck in the anger phase, even after the heat of your original wrath has been cooled by the healing passage of time. That's where I'm at. (Yes, I ended that sentence with...
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