The Dark Side of Retirement For Workaholics

This is the article I needed and couldn't find in 2012 when I "retired." You know that wonderful thing everyone looks forward to and works towards for decades? No one talks about the dark side of retirement, particularly for workaholics. The confusion. Guilt. Self-esteem upheaval. It's not all Winnebagos, puttering in the garden and garage saling ... or whatever it is retirees do nowadays.


BMI Bull$hit and the Narcissism of the Medical Community (Pt 1 of 2)

Hands on hips,  rounded stomach pooched out, the plus-size "telly" nurse almost glowered down at my husband in his hospital bed. While telemetry wires sprouted from his hospital gown, she proclaimed emphatically, almost angrily,  "We don't get vegetarians in this ward!" Apparently, he wasn't suffering nearly enough! Oh no! Now the nurse was blaming and shaming him (and me as Chief-Cook-and-Bottle-Washer) for his heart problems. Brilliant!!! That's what I call "the bedside manner of a rhinoceros" and it didn't set well. This article (Parts 1 and 2) is about the narcissism of the medical community. How they blame us for our own health problems you and I know we did not cause and should not be blamed for. In this article, you and I are pushing back against all the shame, all the false guilt, all the assumptions of over-eating that simply aren't true. We're going to explore the BMI brainwashing bullshit and yes, put the blame for the epidemics of obesity and autoimmune diseases where they really belong.


Of Kindness and Pound Cake: Hope for 2019

Kindness. Think about that word for a moment. Kindness. Does it bring a smile? A tear? A shiver? When was the last time you were treated with kindness? When was the last time you performed a random act of kindness? Maybe kindness, along with humor and creativity, has a kind of power that's an integral part of our healing from narcissistic abuse. Perhaps 2019 should be about the power of kindness.

Abusive Mother

The Narcissist’s Poor Golden Child: What Price Glory? (Pt 2)

As I wrote in Part 1, being a Golden Child can be summed up perfectly by the lyrics of an old country song:
You can't buy my love with money
'Cause I ain't never was that kind
Silver threads and golden needles
Cannot mend this heart of mine

Earlier in Part 1 I mentioned that even Golden Children experience narcissistic abuse and compared their situation to be the "MVP" of a cult. Their damned to a lifetime of it because of the "niceness,"...


Pity the Narcissist’s Poor Golden Child? (Pt 1)

This may be the most hated article I will ever write for Narcissism Meets Normalcy. My challenge, if I choose to accept it, is to make you feel empathy for the narcissist's Golden Child. That's a tall order as, after reading your comments, I've learned that Scapegoated ACONs despise their Golden Child ACON siblings. Well, I've been toying with this topic for weeks and by George! I'm going for it! I think we need to take a second glance at Golden Children and see if, maybe just maybe, being the Golden Child is a special kind of nightmare and they actually deserve our empathy.