Blood Pressure

Stressed? Feel Like a Tightly Coiled Spring? You may be Living with a Narcissist.

Once upon a time, now about seven year ago, I invited a lady friend to spend the day at my townhome. We had a lovely time, talking, eating and playing with my dogs. As evening approached, everything changed. You see, the plan was for her husband to come to my house after work, eat supper and then they would go home. (They only had one car.) The closer the time came for her husband to arrive at my house, the more tense she became.


The Importance of being Human

Being Human: What does that mean when it's at home? What does "being Human" entitle us to? What does it excuse us from? You and I didn't learn this at our parent's knee unlike other children. Why? Because our parent(s) suffered from a personality disorder. What we did learn from their inablity to love us unconditionally was perfectionism and self-loathing. As I said in the previous article, they used our very humanity against us as an excuse, a reason for their refusal or inability to love us, warts and all. (See previous article.) Learning to embrace, enjoy and wink at our own humanity will take us a long way towards healing. Let's explore this together, shall we?


My Mildly OCD Life

Here's what I've been thinking lately: there's more to OCD than meets the eye. I'm talking very low grade, fully functional, almost imperceptible OCD. Not the whole extreme OCD, Howie Mandel fist-bump thing. Not scrubbing til your hands are raw nor compulsively counting things. No, no, no. More of a low-grade, fully functional OCD lifestyle.


Overthinking Things: It May Be Your “Superpower”

It's not easy typing an article with my wireless keyboard balanced precariously on the loose skin of my doxiepoo, Cleo, who's laying on my lap and flatly refuses to move. But that is, indeed, how I was typing until our bichon, Delly, turned over in her sleep and unceremoniously fell off the bed in a flurry of white fur. Thankfully, Cleo got up to investigate. (Delly was fine. She had that surprised expression when she jumped back on the bed as if to say, "Dang! That hasn't happened since I was a puppy.")


The Myth of the Good Ol’ Days

It's quite natural to long for the good ol' days, when life was supposedly simpler and more serene. It's rather like longing to live in England or France or somewhere that gives you a wonderful feeling of calm and beauty when you see it in movies. Some fascinating people who love the ambiance of the 1950s (as I do), even live as though it still is the 1950s (which I don't.) They don authentic vintage dresses, wear Bettie Bangs and have a kitchen fully equipped with 1950s kitchenalia and jadeite dishes. But the only thing that makes the good ol's days "good" is our imaginations.


Modern People, Ingrained Narcissism

Sometimes an article takes less than the time of a nice hot shower and virtually writes itself. Sometimes an article percolates for years. This one has been about eighteen years in the making.

My premise is just this:

We modern people are rather narcissistic in our...

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Do you have “Personality Dysmorphic Disorder”?

Last week, the DailyMail shared three photographs of three beautiful women, all of whom suffer from Body Dysmorphic Disorder. All three are convinced they are hideous, deformed freaks. (Their words; not mine.) They go through lives with heads bowed, eyes averted, feeling like they shouldn't be allowed outside with the normal people. They feel unworthy of love. Avoid sex. And one has decided never to pass on her genetics to a child lest she give birth to a "hideous monster." Again, her words; not mine. But here's the thing: All of these ladies are not only perfectly normal, but even beautiful. Stunningly beautiful, in fact.

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