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When Family Is A Cult (Pt 2 of 2)

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  1. Agree wholeheartedly. I married into a covert narcissistic family and I have indeed described them as “cult like.”
    Good article, thank you.

  2. I think that websites that list the different cults should have an entry on Narcissistic Personality Disorder, since it seems that’s the root cause of many cults. I’ve also seen many religious leaders who present very different (scornful) temperaments in private than when in public. In many congregations, aberrant teachings from The Book ‘O The Month club are embraced, and cult-like seminars are just accepted with little critical evaluation. More discernment is required. Agreed! Cults and narcissistic families are using the same playbook.

    • Beautiful comment! Another trait they share is claiming that demons are attacking them, when a scandal (usually sexual) is unearthed. I mean…it’s a trend!

  3. I thought the narcopathic family goal was money but after a big research I discovered that their real goal is your soul, spirit or who we are beyond this physicality. I explain this in great details in my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE8MpeGBvMrnRRSxiI738oQ

  4. Thanks Leonora. Some of the things you describe I can relate to…as I married a man (I use that term loosely) who came from a family of control freaks. I didn’t meet the rest of his family until 15 years after the marriage…but they explained HIM. Just being in that atmosphere of everyone putting each other down, the manipulation and mind games they played, was a real light-bulb moment for me. CLEAR! He thought he was OK because he was brought up in a family of NARCS/SOCIOS…or whatever label one wants to choose. It’s great to read of your experience on this. How great of you to do this for others….so that they can heal and move on with their lives. God bless you,

  5. Rings true for me as well. I guess it didn’t help I was in an actual cult- a Mormon.

    While reading, memories flashed through my mind validating each cult checklist point. One of the most disturbing things I realised, related to the guilt. My x-dad and x-brother actually had me feeling guilty every time I cried, or even showed discomfort when they molested me. They had every right to my body- I had none. They would act like there was something wrong with me when I didn’t like what they did- it’s my fault it hurts, after all they told me to ‘relax’. When they weren’t making me feel guilty for them molesting me, they were inventing other things for me to feel guilty about. Set ups were common- I was ordered to do things which I was later punished for. I don’t think like them, so I could never anticipate what their true motives were. I guess it was important for them to make everyone believe that I was ‘bad’ so no one would believe what they were doing to me.

    All the guilt games were supported by their hypocrisy. They were very clever actors. Always making a point of encouraging me to be ‘chaste’ and ‘modest’. It’s so bizarre to look back and remember things like my x-mum making me wear skirts that nearly reached my ankles to school (while everyone else wore them to the knee) to make a point of showing everyone that she expected higher standards of modesty and chastity of me than everyone else… all the while turning a blind eye to her husband and son molesting/ sexually assaulting me.

    I guess it’s the best way for psychopaths to hide what they really are. It’s worth putting on a show of loving God, singing a few hymns, saying family prayer etc. if it means that they are able to put themselves in a position of power, where they can molest/abuse who they want. Who would believe they could hurt anyone?!


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