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So You Have Writer’s Block

It hardly ever happens, but even the most Chatty Kathy Writer hits a dry spell now and then. I’m in one of those spells. That’s not to say that I don’t have a dozen articles rattling around in this racing brain of mine but…

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  • February 2, 2020 at 7:11 am

    Thanks! This article helps me deal with my PTSD-OCDish stuff with food AND my problem with in most cases not getting completed my knitwork until after several months because of blocks due to childhood trauma/programming making me lacking problem solving skills and also shaming myself for what is natural, normal human nature (like they did back then) instead of just adjusting my life strategies to master my ALL NATURAL human nature – I just simply have to ignore the OCDish stuff when I catch it happening, and stop trying to take control of it. And instead observe myself from kind of above just seeing to that everything is safe and within the boundaries of safety and health, and making simply getting through it a priorotiy, as in a “phase of life and development” wether it takes weeks or months or even years: By time it will stabilize by itself. because the reason the OCD started in the first place was because of the added unhealthy control of what is natural and self regulating, wether that was control from the outside in form of violence or if it was from the inside in form of self control needing to be healthy.

    It is really about something in me that have come out of balance like it was water in a tray: I have to make sure to hold the tray still and stable on a safe ground, and let the water wave back and forth until it calms, just making sure it stays safely in the stable tray that is providing safe and firm boundaries for the water. To me, I have never understood this being able to put words on it like this, until today.

    And if my knitwork stops up (like that half knitted woolen sweater I have been shaming myself over lately since the knitting stopped up by a blocking), I can just start on a pair of knit socks that is easy and fast or on something else that is inspiring, letting that irritating sweater wait for a while. Because when bulding myself up after narc-and-such abuse, the phenomena of exploring mastery of something is more important than to produce quantity of something. In order to build on my self trust I have to adjust my activities to the abilities of the day or of the week by choosing smaller projects or simply resting and providing myself with self care. And THIS is important part of how it is to build myself up again, to simply managing to produce SOMEthing instead of nothing. Wich is making that huge difference when I kind of have been on the rock bottom for a while resting and figuring out stuff not having been able producing anything.
    So today I am resting from my OCD-tendencies spending time making a for me completely new strategy for dealing with it, and also plan to starting knitting a new pair of socks. IF I feel for it later today, then. :o) Great blessing!

    By the way, the last few weeks´ serie of articles is AMAZING, I think. Wow! Yucky as heck, but naming the troll and becoming clear about the difference of love and evil we allready know gives us back our power and inner permission to feel joy and express and explore love again, us that have experienced such sick beyond-words abuse. The truth sets us free!

    • February 17, 2020 at 5:23 pm

      Oh, I did not mean that any persons are trolls, but I meant symbolically negative behavior patterns can be thought of as trolls. Sorry!


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