One thought on “Cult Withdrawal and Cognitive Dissonance: When the Brain Bounces Away from the Truth

  • October 3, 2019 at 6:38 am

    As an individual that must deal with the absurd,and incredibly difficult ends of living{am still around though with a deathly Rare Condition ~ back 3time from being dead now.. baffles docs though not I..}. This article is more than just interesting, however how many are really going to understand what this individual’s expressions truly are; as we are not in the age for truth::: deceit by three fold and for around fifteen years, this is really going to extremely change the climate of almost every thing” that started to look a bit more like some logic was heading back; almost like some ‘new type of pause’ ,and I know this from my life starting in an elitist cult fraction /a few actually, and nothing was like anyone’s seen normal; when allowed to see. We all have personal equations if from cults , however most who have done as much in the name of positivity, no matter what they are going through, have the most when it comes to see/and feeling truth, and even the ‘bad heinous ‘ actions of others making often ‘good persons to Only be hit by many ‘bad events, yet can somehow keep holding themselves up, it’s for a deeper reason that I FEEL many who need to ‘discuss’ the enormous differences between Traditional and Not; this is how I place it, because there would be more power, of goodness, for those of us who ‘fit’ this arena to say NO to being quite yet moved around all the time…{This has many different references} It would be a good start if ‘Specific Persons’, and you know who you are, to start risking some joining of discussions with others ~ because NOTHING gets formidably better as one is allowed to age… and IF one cannot form their ‘smarts’, then its to easy to start labeling ‘something so perverted with operational class’, that WE know though the outside never sees, and then to suggest that ALL’ then fits into that way of feeling/seeing…. *I came from seen wealth, yet after I wasn’t to be seen I was locked in a outdoors run down shed or caravan, I was rarely treated for the serious conditions I pay hugely for, and all that I had done brilliantly for many didn’t save me when I was in need > however some remembered disciplined activities from ‘where I was handled’ has managed to keep me around and alive, ••• though the question is : Is that good enough? *More of an open small group talks with individuals from these areas that can have the strength to do this, would benefit professionally between each other as experience, and as a certified researcher, WE’ are the ones that can get more ‘sense’ between our experiences as the Traditionalist which is of most, that alter to many others ways of having what’s called a life, are NOT the persons remotely capable of ‘Getting It!’
    It’s not possible for them even with credible training, there is a huge hole that’s always patched up by more formulations of the Traditionalist script/views.
    As said I found the article to have another underlying message, as well as it is a well written piece, though there are ‘statements’ that would be better off not said { out to the universe…for who knows who might really hear… and do what??? there are always going to be ‘unattractive behaviours’ due to individuals creating another view point~ or labeling < just for the fun of it?!, Pulling good intention persons down, even with a life hidden of high PTDS; and especially if the individual keeps PICKING UP and showing what the word trying means….. *well it doesn’t mean to say you have put a tad of effort into something”, once, then say it ain’t for me, therefore I know it all. It’s time for those who have had it incredibly different in the ways we were expected to BE”, grown in ages now still keeping a number of important knowledge that the ‘others’ should learn and furthermore compensate big, for as the researcher/s, we have found the most wanted of ‘persons’ that can actually achieve high in many skills come from Elite Cults”…. and that would mean a number of us have deliberately had mucked up forms of living, and knowing what we are allowed to do being limited to oneself however to give all to ‘those’ of falseness/or else, some us don’t like the or else as it adds to anxiety that is hard enough to contain because traditional therapy couldn’t assist with such a huge complexity of movements those of us were put under { and still we cannot see those of no good’ always, unless one makes it past a various age.. to which I have and would like a taste of some life, because I have done the hard yard to keeping myself here when ALL said I wouldn’t be; even many were found out to be associated for business to dispose of myself}….. I now know that certain persons with abilities of desire/and knowledge , are indeed wanted and as long as one looks ‘a part professionally’ then life will be given , though at what real costs.? ~Yes good honest private discussions are needed now for ‘US’ , the others ~ perhaps ~


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