3 thoughts on “3 Types of Fathers who Raise Narcissistic Sons

  • October 3, 2018 at 4:28 pm

    Narcissism. It’s endemic to the human condition, but a poison to the self and to the community if excessive or driven by absence. It’s real soul-murder to raise a child with narcissistic parenting (he will gaze into the mirror-abyss until his starving spirit finally dies. And then, terminally unwelcome and massively miserable, he will have his revenge, either on himself or on others–Though tragically, in the end– both). It’s a fine line between the praise/permissiveness required to raise a child with healthy self-esteem, confidence and essential self-love and withholding the discipline required to keep himself from developing a toxic narcissistic personality. I’ve often thought that too much and too little disciple are equally as cruel, in this regard. If you’re a superstar you get a pass (especially if your inner circle colludes, accommodates and enables the distortions–know anyone like that?), and if not, well, let’s just say old age will not be kind to you. A child raised ignored, invalidated, disconnected and with no emotional attunement (or with alternating ignoring and intrusiveness) can end up worse, much worse, for his grandiosity takes a purposeful murderous willingness rather than delusional self-worship. And if antisocial personality disorder is present as well as NPD, another form of narcissism emerges, malignant narcissism. People like this will think nothing of destroying another who threatens in any way to expose the light of truth about them. They are very, very scary, conscienceless people. I’ve known a few throughout my life. One surreptitiously “mega-dosed” with LSD anyone who he felt majorly humiliated or exposed him in any way. To him, it was as easy as deciding what to have for dinner. Scott Peck wrote a great book about them, “People of the Lie,” which I believe everyone should read. Great article on NPD fathers. Kind of like alcoholism, it does get passed from generation to generation. We’ll probably never know how much is nature and how much is nurture. NPD at one time was adaptive though, at least from an evolution/Darwinian perspective. In a zombie apocalypse I’d be happy to have a few garden variety narcissists to survive with–not malignant ones though. Those are the real zombies.

  • October 4, 2018 at 2:41 pm

    I was given this label in 1998 while I was in the custody of Corrections Canada at Stony Mountain Penitentiary for Arson. I was placed in various Foster homes but later adopted. The father was very emotionless. He was stern most of the time. In 2016, my biological father passed away but before telling me he was proud of me for staying crime free and being sober like his brother in AA. I have 18 years sobriety and all though my adopted father still refuses to acknowledge his part of my emptiness which by the way is filled, I don’t even associate with them anymore. The adopted mother is just as toxic. It took me years to overcome my destructive path. I became a career serial arsonist. I spent a decade behind bars in 13 facilities throughout Canada both Provincial and Federal custody. It was by doing those 12 steps of recovery and always brushing up on self help books that helped. I was diagnosed with scitzophrenia in 2016. Had it most of my life but was afraid to tell the truth for fear of being an outcast or end up being confined in a mental institution. Luckily my voices never told me to harm or kill anyone. I had ex-girlfriends say I was like that guy from A Beautiful Mind. In my life, I experienced two near death episodes. Yes I was on the other side of the veil but I was brought back because it wasn’t my time. I was born in 1972, I died in 1975 & 1994. I believe that was when I was upgraded to see things differently and I heal quick. I may be 45 but I look in my early 30’s. I take Monoatomic substances to help me. I rarely rely on conventional doctors as they are pawns for the Illuminati Elite. I go to alternative medicine and healers to help me. Having a healthy body and mind even if affected by past psychological scars is the key to peace of mind. I am told I am wise beyond my years. I believe that I am an old soul.

  • November 2, 2018 at 8:11 am

    A father can use these same tactics to create a Narcissistic daughter too.


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