One thought on “Past Medical Trauma, Current White Coat Syndrome Terror

  • August 13, 2018 at 3:28 pm

    Thank you for bringing this forward! Doctor’s arrogance, and a history or horrid bedside manner, combined with treating patients as non-humans, has lead to a dangerous situation. People do not go to doctors, because they cannot stand the way they’ll be treated, along with the memories of all the past bad situations on top of it. I know I’ll be told some condescending thing by an arrogant doctor, who won’t have listened to me. I know that my weight will be condemned, as if I don’t wish I could control it better, and haven’t tried. I know that the doctor will act as though he/she is too busy for me, and I am getting in the way of all the important things he/she has to do. I know the doctor will parrot the same lines they were taught in Med School, while completely forgetting anything about the class on patient “bedside manner” and communication…if they even had one. And I know I will a lecture at at 3rd grade level about something that I am, did, or should/shouldn’t be doing, that I probably am not doing anyway. But why bother?! Why bother trying to talk or explain?! After all, they are the doctor. And so many people die every day that don’t need to. Despite their oath to do no harm, they do unbelievable harm everyday! Not intentionally necessarily. But this must end and turn around. If they truly want to help people, they need to welcome and befriend them. They need to become a confidant, not a lecturing parent or teacher. You’re not going to get a patient to eat better, lose weight, exercise, relax, quit smoking or do anything else by humiliating and nagging them. What you get, is a patient who will not return when the signs of diabetes start, or a cough with a little blood starts. Yes. You, the medical community, in striving for perfection in your knowledge of what we SHOULD be doing, are causing MORE DEATHS by pushing people away. It’s time medical schools and the whole medical community take a good hard look at this issue.


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