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Letter From a Narcissist’s “True Self”

“Here is a hypothetical letter written from the point of view of a narcissist’s True (lost) Self,” writes my friend and fellow blogger, Lucky Otter, in her wonderful article Letter From A Narcissist’s “True Self.” And it is brilliant! She has very kindly allowed me to share her original article with you from her site, Lucky Otters Haven where you will find other excellent writings about narcissism.

Here then, for your reading enjoyment, is Letter From A Narcissist’s “True Self.”

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Letter From a Narcissist’s “True Self”

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  1. Wow. That is something I desperately needed to hear. I have experienced deep emotional turmoil from having a narcissistic father and a former best friend. I find it difficult to heal those wounds. I find myself very angry with them because like the letter said they do all they can to hurt you but now I get why. I’m going to bookmark this because now I can imagine it was written by the two people that hurt me the most. I felt some type of closure reading this, honestly. Healing will take a while but things have become somewhat clearly after hearing the side of the narcissist. Thank You.

  2. Wow is the exact term for this article. Brilliantly written. I can’t imagine how it was even written.

    How can you send this to our Narcissist-in-chief? It won’t do any good, I guess, but it would be good to try.

    Now I understand, in full compassion, what these people’s lives are like.

    I also finally understand the difference between my brother’s Asperger’s apparent narcissism and the real thing. He is unable to have proper emotional responses and social interactions because of the physical construction in his brain, but he isn’t the type to turn on someone like a true narcissist.

    Of course, the subtle abuse the young victim and insipient narcissist suffers very likely changes the brain as well.
    This, the brain changes that come from trauma, genetics, or abuse is what mental illness truly is. And that is going to be so hard to explain to the public. People understand Senator McCain’s and President Carter’s brain cancer but can’t believe, even yet, that mental illness is no different.

  3. Wow. This is so sad.
    My sister is a narcissist and I realized that just recently, only a few months ago, and we didn’t met or spoke since, but I still care about her. And this letter makes me so sad. This is really awful, how it happened to them.

  4. Narcissistic True Self, needs to Meet True Law Enforcement and True Permanent Mental Health Care…this behavior cannot TRULY be ALLOWED to go on in Society where to many innocent people can be HARMED

  5. So brilliantly written. Makes me cry as I know someone who is like that. Now I understand how sad his life actually is and also how dangerous he can be. Come to think of it, there are quite a number of people I know who are like this, they are always full of anger and will pounce on anyone at the slightest provocations. Feel so sad for these people as they are such unhappy souls their whole life. Yet I must keep reminding myself to beware of these people as they can be very destructive and cause untold damages to others.

  6. I couldn’t this without experiencing such immense pain. My tears don’t do justice for the pain I felt while reading this letter. This is deep down what I always knew about my ex narcissist. I have no clue what it was that even lead me to the path to come to the conclusion that my ex was even a narcissist abuser. I swear, I have a gaurdian angel, because I just happened to go on my computer one night, in years and the agony I was experiencing and started typing what I had experienced. I wanted answers. I know deep within me, something was wrong, i wanted to help me ex so desperately. Truth be told, his mask fell ever so often. I remember he told me his dad was absent as a child due to his father being a pilot and his mother suffers from depression and who knows what. She was emotional neglectful, drank wine all the time and had her own agenda. I honestly did my best to pour so much love into that man, I wanted him to know he was loved. I have so much love within myself, I truly just wanted to give him a sliver of that. I keep he was wounded. That’s why I stayed so darn long, that’s why I felt guilty every time I had tried to walk out of his life. I knew, it wasn’t up to me for him to accept my love and care, he had to be the one to accept it and allow himself to receive it. He just couldn’t because he was sick. Eventually, I walked away BC I knew I needed to love me and respect me and literally gave my breath and soul to that man to heal him. All I can do at the end of the day, is pray. That’s the only thing I can control or have controll over


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