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High School Commencement Horror!

Eighteen years is a long time to keep silent about how narcissism ruined my 1998 High School graduation ceremony. What happened on that awful day highlights how narcissists steal the limelight at every event and celebration…if humanly possible.

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  • May 20, 2016 at 6:16 pm

    Lenora, I wait for each new blog with baited breath…you see your telling my story too. They are different in some ways but at the same time eerily similar. I was never good enough ,bright enough…never enough for the narc mother. She even had to take over my wedding…I didn’t want to invite her but was guilted into it. Imagine my horror when she came downstairs drunk off her ass almost naked and not only attempted to seduce my Uncle but my new Husband as well. This woman would come into my home and do a white glove test every time …I’m not kidding …a real white glove…and one time she even called cps…because my house was “filthy”. Never mind that it was only a half a garbage can of garbage and the tea that she spilled on the floor.(CPS investigator apologized so profusely. They do have their way about them don’t they. I’m so sorry that you had to live this hell…but so VERY happy you survived it.

  • May 24, 2016 at 9:24 am

    Both my parents were psycho, completely. I ran away at 15 and it lasted a little over a day. I spent seven weeks in a psych ward on very strong drugs following a suicide attempt. I was never more than damaged goods to them. They barged into my life at every opportunity and never helped me in any real way. I think I was able to move on because I never believed them. My mother’s hysterical crying will never leave me completely or her pinching. My father sent me a letter every January 1st outlining every scrap of financial help he had ever given me. It is a powerful moment when you finally realize you could never have pleased them, and in truth, it was a horrible thing that they ever had two children. I enjoyed your story because so many beautiful moments of my life were ruined by them. Worse yet, it was all invisible. I counsel my grown children always that what counts is what goes on in your own four walls. I also counsel them with my beloved mantra, “reality is my friend.” I am sorry for all children who have survived the hell of parental torture under the guise of love and caring.

  • January 9, 2018 at 2:50 pm

    Reminds me of the time my mother locked me on a hot covered porch for an entire summer. I was gone and staying with a friend when she had gone to work and she somehow forgot to close the door behind her. When I came back home the next day, I was accused of not closing the door. Cue an entire summer of trying to find her small cat, every day from dawn to dusk and when home being only allowed to live on a small covered porch that grew hot in the day. The cat escaped because I was such a “Dumb f****** a****** worth of a son” for not closing doors. I was given food at certain intervals of the day and not allowed in the house because I was a “murderer”. I still feel horrible from it all and I was convinced for a long time I really did willingly kill that cat, despite taking care of cats all my life and caring very much for them. All this after a divorce over my dad getting a stroke, her telling me I “should be happy for her growth because she was unhappy and wanted to see other men” and many countless small cuts because I was in the vicinity of her rage and not allowed to leave. Especially if she needed to take it out on somebody and I “should take it like a man because your wife, if you even get one, will do the same to you and you should be strong for her when she is weak”.

    I wish I could forget all the things she has done since that breakup when I was fifteen. I tried to bottle them up, but they always leak out anymore. Dimly remembered stuff I pushed away when I was being hurt so I would not look weak in front of her because it wasn’t allowed. Only stony, strong faces allowed. It still hurts and I try to let it go out so it would stop haunting me, but sometimes it is hard to cope with because nobody would ever believe me.

  • October 16, 2018 at 8:49 am

    My kind and generous parents gave often been targeted by their cultish siblings and nieces and nephews, all preying on them for money. For years these relatives from hell tried to wreak havoc on our happy home, bombarding them with requests and then never thanking or extending assistance or reciprocity when my mom needed help , every year my dad would send them gifts and never receive a thank you, then they would send him all this religious fanaticism articles in the mail saying we would go to hell if we didn’t give them all our money. None of them sent a sympathy card when I’m died, just very opportunistic, no regard for emotions of others at all


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