Bye, Bye Possessions Tainted with Bad Memories!

Bad Gift Giving: One of the hallmarks of narcissists! They may give gifts but it's usually something incredibly cheap or something they like or what they think we should like because they like it. The most brilliant explanation of it came in an episode of Frasier. I wrote all about it in Narcissists and Gift Giving.

In this set of two articles (click here for Part 1), we're talking about purging our lives of physical possessions that are tainted with narcissistic abuse, stuff that reeks of bad memories. One of the most emotionally-charged and hated items I've sold was the big topaz ring (pictured above) that my parents gave me on my High School Graduation Day.

Why did I hate it so much? Well, first you need to read Part 1 of this article. Then what's written below will make much more sense!


Purging! The Courage to Get Rid of “Heirlooms” Tainted With Bad Memories

Like a Norwegian Atlas, Michael stood on the townhome balcony, his arms fully extended above his head. In his hands, he held the family heirloom glass-topped coffeetable. It had pride of place in his childhood home and had followed his family to every home they owned in MN, WI, AK, NE. When the table was given to us, my new mother-in-law had shaken her finger in my face and given me a lecture about "taking care of it."

Age of Emancipation

An Imaginary Conversation With My 22-Year-Old Self

What if you could go back in time and share some wisdom with your younger self. The self that doesn't know about narcissism but would benefit from what you know now. That's what this article is. A conversation between my 39-year-old-self and my 22-year-old self. It's written in the form of a dialogue but, just like a telephone conversation, you can only hear one side. The side spoken by 39-year-old me. I had so much fun writing this and hope you enjoy it just as much.


Humor and Humility: Two Fell Blows to Narcissism

Consider this scenario: You come home from a long, stressful day at your workplace. You're stressed out, maxed out and burned out. Someone got their ego hurt and their knickers in a bundle at the office and all Hell broke loose...again. You're grateful the drama is over for today but you're dreading tomorrow. So you throw a Hungry Man dinner in the microwave, grab a cold beer and turn on the television.


What If Narcissism Never Existed in Your Timeline!? Oh, Happy Day!

Every so often, Michael and I get on this massive time travel kick. Doctor Who plays 24/7 at our house. For those of you who aren't addicted to the BBC, Doctor Who is a brilliant geeky show where the Time Lord known as Doctor Who, preferably played by the frenetically hilarious David Tennant, travels in time and space, often fixing The Past to protect The Future of the human race.


From Pi$$ed Off to Peaceful: It IS Possible to Find Happiness After Narcissistic Abuse!

When Narcissism Meets Normalcy was launched in January of 2016, I was a different person. I'd been in recovery (oh! how I hate that word!) for two years but I was still a hot mess. I was angry, hurt and pissed off no end. Even worse, I was mired to the armpits in denial and false guilt. Every day was a struggle and at nightfall it all got worse. It was like living in my own personal Gotham.


Self-Kindness, Patience and Neighborliness: 3 Life Lessons NOT Learned At Narcissists’ Knees

It's funny. The things you do learn from narcissists...and the things you don't. The choice of life lessons narcissistic parents choose to impart is almost more interesting than the lessons themselves.

Maybe it's recovery. Maybe it's getting older. All I know is, I'm learning a ton of Life Lessons now, with forty creeping closer day by day, that I never learned at my narcissists' knees. They really tried to cover all the bases but somehow missed these basic lessons.


Your Personality Post Narcissistic Abuse: I Used to be Such a Nice Person

Sometimes, I miss the old Me. The Me that smiled all the time. The Me that never got angry. The Me that "couldn't say boo to a goose" and never said "no" to anyone. The Me that behaved as though she were living in a fairtytale. The Me that never reacted to physical pain, even when Grandpa accidentally stood on my hand once. The Me that never disagreed. The "glad girl" Pollyanna version of Me. I kinda' liked her. And my narcissists really liked her.