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Living Richly In Isolation: The Mind May Freely Roam

The world is rediscovering what introverts always knewWhile your body may be isolated, your mind is always free. Regardless of your situation, your mind may freely roam…and sheep may safely graze. (Just a little “yoke” for you Bach geeks.)

We work so hard, day in and day out, to afford and furnish our homes yet spend so little time in them. This isolation thing may be the first time in years that many people have spent significant unbroken time enjoying their own homes and families.

At first, the tenor on Facebook was, “Yikes! What am I gonna do with myself!?!” but in just a week, everyone seems to have become quite calm and happy in their little hobbit holes. One friend even said he’d completed writing down (but not doing!) a list of projects to do during the next pandemic. Apparently he took my advice to “pace yourself” with completing those long-put-off home projects a little too literally.

As with every scourge, COVID-19 has brought out the best in human nature (and also the worst but phooey on that.) One of the blessings that has come of it are so many options for Letting the Mind Roam…for free…via the internet.

So if you find yourself so bored that you want to doodle on your walls like Henry Matisse pictured above, check out the links below that my friends have been sharing to my Facebook Timeline.

But first, let’s do something for others.


What’s so frustrating about isolation is that we want so badly to help others…but the best way we can help is to stay home and keep our grubby paws to ourselves. It’s exasperating.

Well, if we can’t get personally involved, at least we can “put our money where our mouse is,” to quote Lucille Ball. Samaritan’s Purse has field hospitals set-up in Italy and in New York’s Central Park to assist the Mount Sinai Health System. Please donate. Make them your helping hands!

But if your paycheck has stopped and money is really tight, here’s a safe way you can do something for someone else with no exchange of money…or germs. Send your friends and family e-postcards of great art with wonderful music and a personalized message attached from the Web Gallery of Art. It may be just the thing to put a smile on their face!


This is a unique time in the Heavens.

  • In the Western sky, Castor, Pollux and the crescent moon will form a lopsided smiley face.
  • Venus will be in the conjunction with the Pleiades for the first time in eight years.
  • The Winter Square will dominate the Western sky as you can see from this screenshot from

“Spring came pushing until you felt shoved.”

So wrote Gene Stratton Porter in 1913 and it remains my favorite quote about Spring. Many of you are already puttering in your gardens, but here in Northern Minnesota we’re in a very awkward in-between season known as Mud-and-Thawed-Dog-Poo. Oh, my OCD!

They say the robins are back, they say the tulips have appeared but my only experience with Spring is one fleeting glimpse of a striped gopher, hearing a goose’s “honk” and following the Spring Migrations on Journey North. Check it out! It’s a lot of fun.


Ever since the Metropolitan Opera in New York began broadcasting live to theaters around the country, I wanted to go to one. I wanted to like opera…but I just wasn’t sure I would…so I’d never seen one until last week.

Verdict: I love it. Michael hates it. LOL

Now you can view one HD opera per day for free online or on Roku without entering a credit card number. And they are amazing! In fact, I’d argue the experience online is much better than in the actual opera house because you’re so close to the action on stage. It’s more like watching a movie. When Siegfried threw his coat on a projection of an Autumnal forest floor and the virtual leaves blew upwards around his coat….well!!! I was sold.

Now streaming: Turandot by Giacomo Puccini.


Just in the past week, I’ve discovered more museums I never even knew existed! Sotheby’s compiled a particularly interesting list with links, including virtual strolls through the Louvre and Sistine Chapel. Click here.

I especially recommend the Frick Collection. It’s particularly easy to virtually wander the rooms and halls. Click on highlighted individual items to view their provenance. Spoiler alert: The pipe organ tucked in a cubby in the hallway is stunning!

Another twelve museums, including the Rijksmuseum home of Rembrandt’s The Night Watch, are linked on this site:

If you’re partial to paintings, knock yourself out. Will 100,000 images be enough!?!

Let your inner Anglophile roam the halls of Buckingham Palace!

Or if you agree with Vita Sackville-West that, “The works of God, I always felt, were given freely to anyone who could appreciate them whether millionaire or pauper…” then marvel at our national parks, including Yellowstone, without all that nasty hot spring sulfur steam making your hair go “boing” and frizzy.

Cherry Blossoms

It’s that time again: cherry blossom time in Japan! Thousands had trips scheduled…and had to cancel…so John Daub of the Only in Japan and Only in Japan GO YouTube Channels brings the cherry blossoms to us. He strikes the perfect balance between happy, but not hyper, professional but still friendly. His nighttime walks through the cherry blossoms of Tokyo are magical!

Or if you prefer to race around Tokyo on a motorcycle, then look no further than voice actor Peter von Gomm’s YouTube channel. The audio and visuals are both high quality.


There’s an old rule in show business: Leave ’em laughing!

So I close with the most adorable, perfectly planned and executed practical joke I’ve ever seen. I’ve no idea how the players kept straight faces and the brunt of the joke was so unsuspecting and sweet about it all! This one never gets old!

Stay well! Stay occupied! Stay home!

Living Richly In Isolation: The Mind May Freely Roam

Lenora Thompson

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