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Archives for November, 2017

Childhood Sexual Abuse

Go No Contact, Sh*t and Get Off the Pot

Why haven't you gone No Contact with your narcissistic relatives yet? Why!?! WHY!?!

Why are you still speaking to the mother who projected her vices onto you, yelled, screamed and punished you for what she (and your siblings) actually did, and made your childhood a living Hell?

Why are you still chatting with the father who groomed you, molested, sexually abused, raped you?

Why are you still celebrating holidays with siblings who make snide comments and in-laws...
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If You’re Alone on Thanksgiving

A lot of people will be alone this Thanksgiving, either by choice or by a trick of fate. Just know that you're not alone in your aloneness. A lot of us are alone this Thanksgiving. And Christmas too, bah humbug.

Let me tell you a little story that has helped me cope with being friendless, more or less, for most of my life.

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3 Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving with Narcissists

Who can forget the amazing fragrance of baking turkey, fresh yeasty rolls and pumpkin pie wafting through the air like a blessing on Thanksgiving morning? My fondest memories are of Grandpa, glasses on nose and knife in hand, expertly carving the turkey. Surrounded by his four granddaughters, his big turkey-grease-smeared fingers shoved the most tender morsels of turkey into our waiting mouths like hungry baby birds.

But there are other memories too. Our hostess' victim playing that soured every...
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How Can We Honor Narcissistic Parents???

In the first article, Honoring Narcissistic Parents!?!, we discussed exactly what honor means and, more importantly, what it does not mean ( obeying them blindly.) Please read it before diving into this article; it sets the foundation.

In this article, we'll figure out exactly how we can still honor narcissistic parents without compromising our mental health nor breaking "No Contact."
What Others Are Saying
When I mentioned the topic of "honoring parents" on Facebook, many of my children-of-narcissists friends instantly expressed interest. It's a...
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