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Archives for April, 2017


Victims Dread Not Being Believed

She'd been held against her will for twenty-four years. She'd been raped over 3,000 her own father, no less. She'd bore seven of her father's children in a tiny hideaway he'd built under his house. Yet Elizabeth Fritzl's first words after being rescued were, "No one will believe me anyways."

"No one will believe me anyways."

The cellar was there. The children were there. She had been reported missing twenty-four years ago. Yet, so strong was the brainwashing and Stockholm...
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Narcissism, Paranoia, OCD and Rituals (Oh my!)

My friend, Christine Hammond, recently wrote a freakin' brilliant article entitled How Narcissism Changes Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  She put her finger unerringly on a slippery topic I've long wanted to explore: paranoiac narcissists with OCD. But each time I tried to write about that subject, I'd get up to it, behind it, round the sides of it but I could never quite put my finger right on it without sounding like a weirdo bearing a grudge against her very, ahem,...
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