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Archives for January, 2017


Learning to Live and Be Happy After Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissists are focused on appearances. They're often hyper-focused on monetary gain by any means, fair or foul. They're focused on looking "right" to all and sundry. And they're chronically unhappy. That's why it's hard to learn how to live and live happily if narcissists and narcissism is all you've ever seen modeled.

This article is just brain-storming, because I don't have the answers. But I hope it'll be thought provoking and start a conversation. While I don't have the answer, I do know...
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The Agony of Spiritual Abuse By Religious Narcissists

Nausea. Bile rising in my throat. The very thought of church makes me want to vomit. As my friend wrote, "...narcissists using God... almost enough to make you turn atheist." Damn straight! And spite of narcissists creating a hateful, judgmental God-shaped idol in their image, by some miracle, many of us still cling to Him, the Rock of Ages, like a free-climber clinging to a cliff-ace with bruised and bloodied fingernails.

We've lost everything and said goodbye to...
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