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Archives for December, 2016


Grieving Over the Narcissists I Loved and Left

"I'm so over him / her," combined with a flippant head wag and finger snap seems to be the prevailing sentiment amongst those who have gone No Contact. They may have left a narcissistic husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. Often, they're No Contact with their mother, father, siblings and heartbreakingly, sometimes even their own children.

Their prevailing sentiment is anger, a secondary emotion.

But where is the grief!? I mean, hello! We've lost the most important relationships in our lives! It's like a death....
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Narcissists on Social Media

I betcha' think this article is about selfies and the Kardashians. Ha, ha. Oh, I'll get to them! Today's article is about the other narcissists on social media: our mother, father, sister, brother, niece, nephew, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, ex-spouse and yes, even our...
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