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Introducing “Narcissism Meets Normalcy”: Let the Healing Begin

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Life not working for ya? You may have been raised by narcissists.

Hey! Thanks for dropping by! Welcome to “Narcissism Meets Normalcy.”

My name is Lenora Thompson and I was raised by narcissists…the engulfing kind. They engulfed, smothered, helicoptered, punished, shamed, controlled, brainwashed, criticized, second-guessed, imprisoned and otherwise nearly ruined my life for thirty-one years.

And I’m not the only one! If you too were raised by narcs, this blog is lovingly dedicated to you. It’s gonna’ be gritty and ruthlessly honest because “the truth will set you free.” In my writing, I bare my soul and stand “naked” with all my bruises and bloody wounds in plain sight so others can have that “aha” moment, that validation and that soul-freeing euphoria of realizing, “What? You too!?! I thought I was the only one to be treated that way.”

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But it’s also gonna be sarcastic and humorous, because narcs really are pathetically ridiculous, once you look past the pain they cause. If I may be allowed to paraphrase the great C.S. Lewis, “Nothing is more needed on the whole subject of [narcissism] than a good dose of belly laughter.” Somehow, laughter breaks the power of cruel people faster than anything else.

Together we’ll rant. Have a good cry. Explore the twisted logic of why the narcissists treated us so abominably. And figure out how to heal from narcissistic abuse and embrace normalcy…whatever that is. Well, we’ll figure it out together.

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Hang in there! We’ll get through this together!

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Introducing “Narcissism Meets Normalcy”: Let the Healing Begin



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