Tiny Acts of Kindness A Better World Makes

Way back in January of this year, I wrote about a heartwarming tale of kindness in Of Kindness and Pound Cake: Hope for 2019. I believe there's a power in a tiny act of kindness that can vanquish a huge act of evil but in the hustle, bustle and hurly-burly of real life it's easy to forget I kinda' thought my own article was bull$hit.

Now, I'm not so sure.


Sensory Triggers and Childhood Memories: When Life Comes Full Circle

Piecrust promise. That's what it was. My promise to be done with the I'm-Turning-40 articles was what Mary Poppins calls a Piecrust Promise. Easily made. Easily broken. Ooops. Sorry! I really did think I was done but apparently not!

At the heart of this whole "nostalgia thing," comes a palpable need to retrace where I've been pre-40 before re-embarking on where I'm going post-40. I call this "circling the wagons."


The Narcissist and the Cell Phone

It's been some time since Narcissism Meets Normalcy indulged in the fun of being a raconteur, telling a real-life anecdote about a real-life narcissist practicing their narcissistry in, shall we say, creative ways. But when my friend and fellow PsychCentral blogger, Christine Hammond, published 29 Manipulative Text Messages suddenly I remembered.
Cue harp flashback music...


Caregivers’ Relationship to Money: “It’s Complicated With…”

Have you ever had an idea you thought was brilliant...and then everyone else shamed you for it? Yeah. Me too. Just happened, in fact.

My bright idea occurred this weekend. "Why," said I to myself, "should it be only ill people who have GoFundMe's started for them? Their full-time caregivers are constantly denying themselves. They have needs and wants too! More importantly, their lives are passing them by for lack of funds. They should have GoFundMe's too."


Culinary Narcissism: Why Is Only American Cuisine “Unhealthy”???

What do I mean by culinary narcissism? What I don't mean is the French insisting that theirs is the best cuisine bar none or the Japanese insisting that you can only get good sushi in ol' Edo. Every culture is justly proud of their cuisine.

No, I'm referring to a little thing called "the Mediterranean diet"...the one, the only, the how-dare-you-eat-anything-else menu all good cardiologists press on their American patients through a mixture of shame, blame and guilt to the exclusion of EVERY other cuisine on the planet.

Yes, this is my annual two-articles-in-one gastronomic rant. I can't help my foodie self. Hey! It's getting to be a Narcissism Meets Normalcy  yearly tradition. ;)