My Mildly OCD Life

Here's what I've been thinking lately: there's more to OCD than meets the eye. I'm talking very low grade, fully functional, almost imperceptible OCD. Not the whole extreme OCD, Howie Mandel fist-bump thing. Not scrubbing til your hands are raw nor compulsively counting things....


Overthinking Things: It May Be Your “Superpower”

It's not easy typing an article with my wireless keyboard balanced precariously on the loose skin of my doxiepoo, Cleo, who's laying on my lap and flatly refuses to move. But that is, indeed, how I was typing until our bichon, Delly, turned over in her sleep and unceremoniously fell off the bed in a flurry of white fur. Thankfully, Cleo got up to investigate. (Delly was fine. She had that surprised expression when she jumped back on the bed as...


Modern People, Ingrained Narcissism

Sometimes an article takes less than the time of a nice hot shower and virtually writes itself. Sometimes an article percolates for years. This one has been about eighteen years in the making.

My premise is just this:

We modern people are rather narcissistic in our...


Do We Really Know Our Narcissist? Really?

Last week, I asked the question Did Our Narcissist Every Really Know Us? The consensus was a resounding NO!

But there was an interest codicil to the story. A self-professing narcissist emailed me and, in part, said this:
" a narcissist I always get a bad rep from everywhere. But we do pay attention- a lot of attention or we wouldn’t be able to manipulate so easy. Just my thoughts.

I disagree, the narcissist knows you better than you know yourself. ...if they can...


Here’s What Happens When You Tell Narcissists They’re Narcissists Revisited

With Narcissism Meets Normalcy "this close" to celebrating two million hits (Thank you!), there is one article that leap-frogged over all the others to be crowned The Most Popular. Titled Here’s What Happens When You Tell Narcissists They’re Narcissists, comments have been all over the place. Some people think I did the right thing, some people think I did the wrong thing and a few people think I'm downright nuts.

You have the weigh the positives, the negatives, your conscience, your gut,...

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