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Letter From a Narcissist’s “True Self”

"Here is a hypothetical letter written from the point of view of a narcissist’s True (lost) Self," writes my friend and fellow blogger, Lucky Otter, in her wonderful article Letter From A Narcissist's "True Self." And it is brilliant! She has very kindly allowed me to share her original article with you from her site, Lucky Otters Haven where you will find other excellent writings about narcissism.

Here then, for your reading enjoyment, is
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Narcissistic Abuse of Women in A Cult

I hate cults. I hate their holier-than-thou attitude, their hypocrisy and their demeaning of women. But mostly I hate how they remind me of home, because cults are founded by narcissists, run by narcissists and often turn their members into narcissists. I used to think that whacked-out religious doctrine is what defined a cult. Nope! It's specific interpersonal dynamics in the cult that make it a cult, not just their doctrine.

It's been my dubious privilege to closely observe the inner machinations...
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