Mask and Gloves: Feelings of Being “The Weird Kid” Revisited

Last Tuesday was the last time I left the house. It'd been a fortnight since I last went grocery shopping, so we needed a little bit of everything. Because of Michael's pre-existing health issues, naturally I went prepared: gloves, mask, Lysol.

"Surely," thought I, "this is our new normal. There will be others wearing masks. After all, even vain celebrities are wearing gloves and masks."


Tips for Self-Isolation: Here’s How To Be Happy Being Home 24/7

We all dream of the day we can stay home all day. Waking naturally at any hour without an alarm clock, padding around in our PJs, doing whatever we want, whenever we want. Bliss!

Usually we have to wait for retirement, but due to the coronavirus, many of you may find yourselves spending twenty-fours  hours in your home,  day after day, perhaps for the first time ever.


Narcissism: Getting Back to Basics

Four hundred and thirty articles later...

If you write about narcissism as much as I do, sooner or later, it takes on a life of its own. The more you sink your teeth into the topic, the more the term "narcissist" conjures up a mental image of two horns and a forked tail.

That's just not right.

That's why I've wanted to write this "Back to Basics" article for quite some time. To try to dispel the caricature narcissism has taken on while boiling down narcissism to the most succinct summary possible. The "lowest common denominator," if you will.


Coronavirus: Keep Calm and Carry On

Alright, let's cut the crap. We're all worried about the coronavirus. Don't tell Michael because I act nonchalant but I'm concerned too.

So instead of stewing, I decided to write what it's bringing to mind for me. Pull up a chair, put on The Best of Pavarotti (narc alert!) and pour yourself a glass of Shiraz. (Apparently, if you take a "What Wine Will You Like" online quiz and answer "Oh yucky, get it away" to every question, they recommend Shiraz. Opinion: Meh.)


Torn! Death of a Narcissist

In May of 2019, I was notified that one of my engulfing narcissistic relatives had died.

As it turns out, the people who rushed to tell me had jumped to conclusions. There are many relatives who share that particular surname. They just assumed it was my particular narcissist who had passed away.

In fact, my narcissist had not died. However, during the thirty-six hours when I believed it to be true, I experienced a plethora of emotions. It gave me a sneak-preview of how one feels when an engulfing narcissist passes away.

This is a short excerpt of what I wrote during that time.


Home and Coziness: Where Do You Feel Safe From Narcissistic Abuse?

Home. I write about it a lot. Make that "way too much." But it's one of my greatest passions.

It's my opinion that narcissistic abuse leaves each of us with one or two MAJOR hang-ups unique to us...and a lot of little ones. My major hang-ups are 1) adulthood and 2) a home of my own because I wasn't "allowed" either of those things by my narcissists. Now that I have them, I defend them fiercely.

As I was reflecting about the concept of Home, I found myself asking myself, "Where have I felt cozy? Where have I felt safe from narcissistic abuse and the stressors of life? Where have I felt my stomach muscles unclench, my face relax and found myself heaving a huge relaxing sigh?".

Ask yourself that question now. Take your time. I'll wait. ;)


This is What Misogyny Looks Like

Misogyny: It's a nasty topic. A yucky subject I've tried for four years to write about...but it just wouldn't gel. But it's taken me even longer, four decades to be exact, to recognize misogyny in general and how it affected my life in particular.