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Archives for May, 2012

ADHD drugs

Is Early Intervention Worth It?

On this blog and in my new book, Dosed: The Medication Generation Grows Up, I explore young people's experiences with medication. And oftentimes, by exposing their ambivalence, even their resentment, toward their treatment from an early age, I end up implicitly questioning the value of early intervention for mental illness.

So in honor of the American Psychological Association's Mental Health Month Blog Party Day, I want to address the question of whether I think early intervention...
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What Do Kids Think About Their Medications?

To cap off National Children's Mental Health Awareness Week, I'd like to highlight a fascinating report that presents youth and families' attitudes toward children's treatment with psychiatric medication.

As I argue in my new book, Dosed: The Medication Generation Grows Up, the topic of medicating young people is endlessly debated, but all too rarely do we hear from the young people themselves about their experiences.

This report, published a few years back by the...
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