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Archives for March, 2012


Appearing “Young & Healthy” But Needing Psych Services

Since there is not much to do, from a layman's perspective, except wait until June for the Supreme Court to hand down its decision on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), I thought I would share some thoughts on how it pertains to young people with chronic mental health problems - the ones who look healthy but actually have considerable healthcare needs.

This is a group that you can define variously depending on...
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Should You Tell? Disclosing Meds To A Significant Other

A reader's story about taking meds has spurred me to address a topic I've been mulling about for some time now: the ways in which people do or don't discuss their medications with their significant others.
The reader, a 21-year-old who wanted to go only by "CJ" was plagued by several concerns about taking medication long-term. Among them was the possibility of "meeting someone" and then needing to disclose...
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If I Don’t Take My Meds, I’m A “Completely Different Person, A Scary Person” – A Reader’s Experience

A little while back, I asked readers to share their experiences with medication. CJ, who first took medication at age 12 and is now 21, was kind enough to write in. At 12, CJ had self-harmed and was suicidal, which was the initial impetus for drug treatment.

Some medications have helped with those tendencies, some only exacerbated them - a controversial topic I've addressed in previous posts.

Eight years later, mood swings and sleep...
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The Psych Meds Divide: Can People Who’ve Never Taken Them Understand Those Who Have?

I try to keep up with books and movies that deal with young people and medications, even as minor theme. To that end, I just finished reading and watching the movie version of Ned Vizzini's It's Kind of a Funny Story, about an overachieving, depressed and very stressed-out teenager named Craig who checks himself into a psychiatric ward after quitting  Zoloft.

During his stay, Craig restarts his medication, and, more importantly to the larger message...
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