Exploring the Shadow: Instincts in “Wolf” (Part II)

Some of us tend to romanticize babies, but we can see when they’re frustrated they get angry and can bite, hit, throw a tantrum or simply take what they want. They need to be taught not to do those things and to be considerate of others; in other words, to be socialized. Through being socialized, we come to think of certain traits as bad, primitive, and even taboo: greediness, gluttony, lust, wanting, selfishness, impulsivity, overindulgence, appetite, desire, anger. As “untamed” children, many of these aspects were civilized out of us. We had to learn “manners.” We learn to behave ourselves and accommodate to the external reality. In the film "Wolf" we get to look at instincts and civilization.

Exploring Father and Daughter Bonds through “Proof”

In light of the film "Proof", it’s interesting to ask ourselves how we have might be haunted by our own parental legacies. The idea of “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” can contain a mixture of pride and dread. It’s up to us, as we grow psychologically into adulthood, to discern what is truly ours and what we are carrying for others.

‘Limitless’: Addiction and Bipolar Disorder

The film 'Limitless' (2010) with Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish and Robert DeNiro, begins with a revealing portrayal of shame and self-loathing in depression, followed by the manic escape into omnipotence of thought that characterizes bipolar disorder, but winds up as a bland thriller and a familiar cautionary tale about the dangers of drug addiction.