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It’s important to teach kids healthy habits throughout their childhood. Healthy habits we different based on your child’s age and developmental abilities, but overall it is important to teach kids about physical health, nutrition, and important life skills.

Following are some tips and suggestions for teaching your kids healthy habits in these three important areas.

1. Physical health

  • Parents can model healthy habits for kids in this area. When kids see their parents participating in healthy physical activities, they are more likely to engage in these behaviors, as well.
  • Limit screen time and promote active play. Limit screen time to no more than an hour a day (or even less preferably). Encourage kids to play outside, but even if they don’t go outside, they are more likely to move around and be active when screen time is not an option.

2. Nutrition

  • Have healthy food available for snacks and included in meal times. If you pack your kids’ school lunches, put a fruit and vegetable in their lunch instead of chips or cookies.
  • Have your child involved in discussions about what fruits or vegetables or proteins they like to eat and include these in your family’s snacks and meals more often.

3. Important Life Skills

  • There are a lot of life skills that children need to learn, but some include: self-care such as bathing, dressing, and cleaning up after themselves, household chores, time management, money management, social skills, and much more.
  • Model life skills that you want kids to learn. One way kids learn is by watching adults in their lives. Also, find ways to help your child practice these skills in ways that are fun and enjoyable. For example, have them help make a schedule for things they need to do in a day or make rewards for completing certain skills.

Healthy habits are learned from early on. It is never too late to start learning healthy habits. Start teaching your kids these now and they will have a head start on their future.