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Being a mother requires many, many tasks. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to manage everything including appointments for every family member, house cleaning, helping kids with their education, keeping a job outside the home (if you have one), not to mention taking care of yourself and having any amount of down time or relaxation.

Here are 3 time-saving tips for overwhelmed mothers:

  1. Shop online. Try purchasing items that you need online when you have a spare few minutes. This saves the travel time to and from the store. In theory, if you know what you are shopping for and you don’t spend excess time browsing the internet, you could save up to 2 or 3 hours depending on your typical commute to and from a store.
  2. Say “no.” Learn to say no to others and to opportunities that come up. Don’t feel guilty if you tell your kids no about certain things. Of course, it’s good to be nurturing and kind, but you can feel okay saying “no” and allowing them to occupy themselves from time to time and also to take care of themselves to a certain degree. Also, be okay with saying “no” to opportunities to volunteer or new opportunities that might come up at work, etc.
  3. Have fruits, veggies, and an extra for dinner. Instead of feeling like you have to make something that times a lot of time for dinner, it’s totally okay to grab some berries, carrots, and bread or pretzels for your kids for dinner.

If you have anymore time-saving tips for moms, feel free to share below.